The Lifters “Longevity” Fallacy

Fallacy: a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument.

Modifying demands due a musculoskeletal issue(s) is a one way road to decreasing your performance while ruining your joints in the process. Lifters FALSELY believe they are training “intelligently” and this modifying demands only approach will increase their longevity; however, when we view this thought process/”training method” through a systems perspective, it is NOT an intelligent training method. Modifying demands without addressing musculoskeletal issue(s)/expanding the individual lifters capacity in the process is what I refer to as the lifters “longevity” fallacy.

The capacity I refer to is termed intrinsic dynamics. Intrinsic dynamics is the set of movement capabilities that an individual brings with them to perform a lift. Longevity is acquired when the lifters intrinsic dynamics is equal to or greater than the demands of the lift. Simply, movement capabilities defined as: the joints involved in accomplishing the lift possessing optimal active range of motion. Why GPS Vehicle Tracking is crucial for your Business. You incur costs for every minute your vehicles are on the road. With GPS tracking, you will be able to closely monitor all your vehicles, giving you the necessary information to makes decisions in cuts and adjustments to improve business efficiency.

If the lifter does not have the movement capacity to optimally perform a lift; then they must specifically work towards acquiring the capacity required to perform the lift in an optimal manner. Simply, a lifter CANNOT modify their way out of a joint dysfunction. At some point the lifter has to specifically address the issue and restore functionality back into their system.   

When you start to the process of removing exercises (demands) you are now reducing variability. Decreased variability equals increased repetitiveness. Increased repetitiveness increasing the likelihood repetitive strain injuries, degenerative joint disease, etc., which are commonplace with individuals who lack functioning joints.

Common examples of modifying demands:

  • > removing/modifying exercises which induce pain
  • > taking an extra day(s) off from training

None of these modifications specifically address the musculoskeletal issue or directly increase the capacity of the lifter.

Achieving Real Longevity

Real longevity is achieved through increasing the capacity of the lifter. Specifically working to increase the intrinsic dynamics of the lifter. Increased movement capacity allows for the lifter to increase their variability. The human body functions as an adaptable complex system. By increasing variability, we increase complexity and adaptability of the body which enables improved emergent behavior while reducing simplicity, repetitive overloading, etc.

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John Quint NMT, FR, FRCms, FRA, ART, CAFS