Online Joint Assessment

Assessing the joints is the top priority with every individual I work with. Outcome of the assessment dictates the course of treatment and training. The method of assessment I use is safe and effective, CARs (controlled articular rotations). CARs tests for sufficient range of motion and normal joint function.

A joint is an articulation of bones that mechanically functions to allow for movement. Normal joint function is pain free. In a normal functioning joint, bones are not restricted and able to move on either side. Movement restriction within the articulation of bones will cause pain and abnormal joint function. This is due to a compression of one bone into the other, referred to as closing angle pain (impingement).

CARs assessment will determine if a particular joint ROM is hyper or hypo-mobile. Joint pain during assessment is a clear marker for joint dysfunction (arthrokinematic dysfunction). Knowing the functional threshold of the joint allows for an individualized at home protocol to be designed. Regardless of assessment findings, the aim of the protocol will be to restore the health of the joint.

  • CARs assess the health and function of the joint
  • CARs are non loaded, low stress, active, rotational movements at the outer limits of joint motion
  • Results of CARs will be discussed
  • An individualized at home protocol designed based off of your individual threshold and goals will be developed
  • Protocol will be emailed following assessment
Consult with assessment will last 30 minutes. Please wear athletic attire and have floor and wall space for testing.

Scheduling times are Eastern Time Zone

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