Online Injury Rehabilitation

“The first priority of injury rehab is to guide how the tissue is healing. This ultimately sets the stage for improved tissue mechanics and the ability to increase the loading.”
Dr. Andreo Spina

According to a medically assisted detox near me, the aim of injury rehabilitation centres is to guide the healing of the injured tissues. This is accomplished by applying scientifically proven treatment and training methods which stimulate the body’s self healing capacities to regenerate tissues. The protocol progressively adds therapeutic loads into the healing tissues. The therapeutically loaded tissues then respond by increasing the up-regulation productions of more tissues. This is in response to better be able to absorb the load due to the biological principle of Progressive Adaption.

Assessment of the injured tissue and articulating joints is essential in determining the course of rehabilitation. The design of your plan will be individualized and concentrated on maximizing your ability to restore the tissues back to pre injury functionality and health.

  • Assessment of the health and function of injured tissues and articulating joints
  • Results will be discussed
  • An individualized at home protocol designed based off of your individual threshold and goals will be developed
  • Protocol will be emailed following assessment

Consult with assessment will last about 1 hour. Please wear athletic attire and have floor and wall space for testing.

Scheduling times are Eastern Time Zone

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