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We stock Accumate motorcycle battery chargers which work with ALL battery … Includes all necessary BMW plugs and gaskets to remove airlines and the airbox on 1981 - 1995 Airheads. Another brand with a decent reputation is MotoBatt. What they don't usually tell you is that the so-called 10% rule is for 'continuous'. These old-fashioned batteries also tend to give you a warning, by slow cranking usually, that they are getting old and tired, which you will appreciate, as opposed to a sudden failure no-warning battery type. The instructions that come with the battery are hardly complete regarding initialization. Interested in the history of this website and how it is run? If you do not use a timer, just connect the non-smart charger once a month for an hour. Conditions are for a vehicle starting type of battery containing antimony in the plates. Ted Porter's BeemerShop offers exceptional quality replacement, accessory & classic replica parts. Thus, while a true 6 AH battery might work OK for you, it might not. Float voltage is OK at 13.5. On /5 airhead BMWs, the alternator is located directly behind the front cover; if the battery’s connected you can potentially short the alternator by grounding it with the aluminum cover. You have irregular electrical problems on the way home, eventually finding that your alternator brushes are well-worn, and much sooner than normally expected, and your alternator phase leads look overheated .....all due to the original battery being too old. Did you talk to Wal-Mart before purchase about their specific battery warranty details? NEW BATTERY FITS BMW R60 R65 R75 R80 R90 R100 MOTORCYCLES REPLACES 52515 53030. BMW Battery 12V Sealed for G310 GS/R, C400X/GT & S1000 Series. Charge the battery and monitor the fluid level. If the engine started fairly quickly/easily, there is likely not going to be a problem, unless the bike sits at idle for a long period of time, has stock ...or worse, some added powerful lights, heated clothing, battery has been drained some (see above paragraphs)...etc., all of which plus ignition and whatever else is turned on, is draining the battery. Mind what I said earlier about not charging a heavily discharged lithium battery initially at anything but a very low rate (and, that means voltage and current). That is not correct. Here is how to do it properly: 1. On an Airhead, the + terminal is on the left, as you sit on the bike. These best operate at a slightly higher voltage, & thus will work better and last longer if your voltage regulator is set properly a bit higher. Somewhat modified versions of these batteries were later made for engine starting and became very popular. There are a few Smart Chargers that can be set to specifically work with various types of batteries. Generally, the car versions are in stiff cases, the motorcycle types not so much, so they have a somewhat more tendency to swell upon overcharging and high temperatures. Check for voltage drop between red wires. Improperly initiated? Use an old hardware store 'acid brush' or old toothbrush suitably modified for this coating. FYI:  "Authorities" VR's are usually set to about 14.4. If it is cold, things can get marginal very quickly. Simple voltage testing a battery to determine charge/condition; or, using a hydrometer on a flooded type battery for the same purpose, are NOT reliable checks on battery condition. This resting voltage does not change very much as a light to moderate load is applied. $50.00 + $9.99 shipping . If you want to adjust the Harbor Freight meter face a bit more accurately, follow this advice: Rotate the Harbor Freight two-meter type unit's load adjustment to sufficiently off, so no load will be applied. BMW Airhead R65 R80 R100 Plastic Battery Hold Down Nut - Pair - New. There is another peculiarity, not directly a Peukerts thing ...AGM/VRLA batteries can deliver somewhat higher voltage at the same time as having large loads. An AGM/VRLA such as the Odyssey or Panasonic might only need the charger every 2 to 3 months ...but do not fail to consider any clocks or other small drains ...they do add up! The truth is that constant very long-term use of a Smart-Charger can somewhat reduce the life of the battery. It would be very unusual for a flooded battery to have tiny hot spots develop. 2. On a practical basis, that means they work fine as they discharge, and then, with no or very little notice, will suddenly go completely dead ...and; if not protected internally, likely will be seriously damaged when recharged by such as your bike's alternator; or, a common charger. Please pay attention to my advice here, which is all for your safety! A Smart Charger might take overnight for any type, depending on the ampere rating & design of the Smart Charger. The LC-X1228P is a conventional post (nut and bolt) 28 AH Panasonic battery. What happens in battery use, particularly charging (something similar, in reverse, can happen under heavy drain) is that oxygen is formed at the positive (+) plate, and the oxygen reduces or eliminates the normally otherwise produced hydrogen at the negative (-) plate. They are not further discussed here ...besides to tell you that they are absolutely not needed for your bike, car, truck, etc. Note that if the lithium battery has internal protection against too high a discharge, the re-charging possibly can be (?) Motorrad Elektrik, Thunderchild, & Euromotoelectrics sell metal mounts. These are at common 'room temperature'. Avoid batteries with vented caps; and, avoid any that do not have the venting outlet on the side and near the top area. In addition, be aware that many Smart Chargers (that includes the Battery Tenders) may reduce their charging level too soon for the LiFePO4 batteries, if these batteries were fairly well discharged to begin with. I put Lithium batteries in this same category; that is, they are not very good at low temperatures ....but the Gel types can be even worse, and have a tendency to fail without advance notice. IF you use a common, non-smart charger, do monitor the battery voltage. You are going to be very late for work this morning. The batteries in the same AH capacity are usually heavier than flooded batteries. The form of gel batteries used for low-drain home-security systems, and even in some power backup systems for computers, is not the same as the BMW gel battery. I have sometimes made a wood spacer for the narrower battery & painted it black; but later found out that normal hold-down pressure was plenty enough to keep the battery from moving, even in rough terrain. Vehicle batteries are no longer only the simple flooded (slosh) batteries of my youth. This is because motorcycle batteries are located in a poor environment for best longevity, such as heat/cold/vibration & poor re-charging. You find your $$ seat and $$$ seat pan rotted-out and rusted-out a year or three later ...ugggh! Unfortunately, when the battery is near the temperature at which water freezes, the battery's capable output substantially decreases. All batteries lose charge by themselves, with nothing connected to them. They will hold-up with some abuse, but not a lot of abuse. The gooping is to prevent atmospheric effects onto the terminal connection. Well, so does nearly every 'sealed' battery! The battery has no side vent nor hose; fumes are released upwards from cell cap holes. No drilling, … Load testers were traditionally only used by automotive service centers and sometimes available at places that sold batteries. BMW airhead starter cover for R45 R65 R80 R100 cafe racers bobbers and trackers. I have an AGM in my 1983 R80S, and the bike … For AGM/VRLA/ABS such as Panasonic, WestCo, most of the 'Chinese' AGM batteries, and the Odyssey, ETC. The rate for initial charging of a new flooded battery is officially a maximum of 10% of the battery ampere-hour capacity. If over .35 volt difference (headlight on) you may want to check the fairing voltmeter calibration, & if OK, then check for resistance at various contacts, relays, & connections, beginning with the ignition switch. High heat and/or vehicle starting and/or high charging currents are all somewhat damaging to them, so once in awhile a catastrophic failure still happens, suddenly the battery is essentially dead for starting, although the lights may work, due to an interconnection corrosion/cracking failure. CCA is obviously important in cold weather. I prefer them to be used, perhaps overnight, once every 1 to 3 months, on the AGM/VRLA/Lithium types, & maybe monthly on the flooded types, especially if the bike has small drains, such as from a clock, or weather is hot. 03/09/2016:  Update meta-codes; layout, fonts, colors, clarifications, some simplifications, some redundancies. Some types come dry, and you add the acid mixture, but only once, thereafter you may have to watch the liquid level over time. When the voltage reaches about 14 to 14.5, reduce the charging current to 100 to 150 ma (0.1 to 0.15 ampere), for several days ...checking the current now and then, and adjusting the source if needed to maintain the proper current. It includes assembly of the front forks, seat, fenders, battery box, installation of the handlebars and cables, and odds and ends that I felt were better covered here rather in an article within the parts fiche breakdown I use for cataloging the other write-ups. The regular type of test should last 10 to 15 measured seconds. Add the extra grounding wires too. These are not the type of battery you want if you like to use your electrical system when the engine is off. True gel types particularly do not like quite high charging rates, and are easily damaged by being overcharged. Depending on the particular design, they might tend to overcharge the battery if left turned on for too long. At the end of the above period top off the battery cells again, to the same upper fluid level mark, using the same acid mixture. I don't care about looks or brand. It really is best to get a proper sized Smart Charger for commuters usage. Most won't have that powerful a charger, but you will only loose a truly small amount of life if you do not. ),  ~12.6-12.7 volts is to be expected. Thus, a decent load test is done at about 90 amperes on a 30 AH battery. "Airhead… That shortens them a bit. You really need to check the water level now and then, and maybe the terminal voltage, no matter what type of charger, on a flooded battery. If you are lucky, the battery might have been charged & even kept charged. That voltage will rise very slowly, and then much faster rising will occur. Some people have luck with them but others have not, they seem to require a higher charge voltage than other 12 volt batteries. Contrary to popular belief, AGM/VRLA batteries do not like, not at all, being heavily discharged & then sitting that way for any period of time. I have not yet seen any that are really good at doing this automatically, only by setting for such manually. You have no rain clothes, no tent, no sleeping bag. Don't go over 16 volts at the battery. Enough time at a reduced charge, particularly a deeply reduced charge, & the small sulfate crystals get much larger & these are often called HARD crystals, and ARE vastly more difficult to remove or convert. The larger (28AH) battery, does not generally fit the R65, GS,  /5, ST. You do not have to see gassing bubbles. Feb 22, 2015 - airhead guides on buying, maintenance and repair. Rejuvenating old tired lead-acid batteries, electrically: If a lead-acid battery has not been moderately to greatly discharged for too long a period of time, you may be able to resuscitate it. They measure using a complicated formula used in conjunction with passing both low frequency A.C. and D.C. through the battery. Westco AGM Sealed Battery, 12V/30AH For K75/100 2 Valve Bikes Up To 9/92 & /6 & /7 Airheads Plus All R100R Models $129.95; Westco 12V30 AGM Battery/Battery Charger Kit $199.95; Accumate Automatic 12V/6V Battery Charger $58.95; Accumate Automatic 12V/6V Battery Charger/BMW Plug Adaptor Kit $69.95; Accumate BMW Plug Adaptor Cable $14.50 Some of the small ''wall-wort'' chargers (small black box chargers that plug directly into the wall receptacle without any power cord to the wall socket) will have internal circuit breakers that will constantly cycle on and off during initialization of some types of new batteries; and that can possibly burn out these low output wall units. BMW released it as a sort of classic roadster … Very knowledgeable BMW folks here. ). The colder the battery, the less often it requires recharging, and using small trickle charger is fine every month or so. If you use a de-sulfating mode on a battery that is fully connected to your bike's wiring system, the high voltage much as 25 volts! Flooded batteries, additional information: A "flooded" battery usually has removable cell covers, contains liquid you can (or should!) The stock place BMW to put that tube is good. It also requires costly equipment. The genuine Panasonic battery may not be as sensitive to being heavily discharged for the short term, compared to many other types. Going back to brand-new flooded type batteries being initialized: Flooded batteries, by common use of that description (liquid sloshes around in them) are "lead-acid" batteries made in a few basic types. The airhead BMW charging system is not the best. Recommendations. YES...this means that as the drain rate increases (you use more amperes for any given period of time), the REAL Ampere-Hour capacity goes down. Remember:  You have $$$ invested in that lithium battery; and, you want it to remain reliable. If the battery is still being charged, and at a low rate (10% of AH or less) for a long period of time, and the voltage has risen to 14 (up to 14.9 on some types)...then the battery is fully charged. The battery box uses five rubber isolation damper bolts to secure it to the top of the bracket over the swing arm and to the rear down tubes of the frame. ((Hopefully you never forget wire connection direction, as you will fry at least the diode board). 10/11/2012:  Add QR code, add language button, update Google Ad-Sense code The Panasonic brand of battery is very well made internally. 04/27/2014:  Add note regarding poor battery and voltmeter swinging. 01/01/2020:  Clean-up discussion about lithium batteries to improve ease of understanding. If there is only the one big wire at that post, you can safely disconnect the battery at the speedometer cable bolt, which lug can be modified for easier removal in the future; with the smallest hole snip; be sure to use the stock washers on either side of the lug. This website uses cookies. Finish re-arranging the article, eliminating some redundancies, etc. The distance from the bottom of the battery box to the underside of the tool tray is not always the same. Because of that, I recommend the grounding wire from the accessory outlet should be connected to the frame, perhaps near the ignition coil....but that can vary depending on your model of Airhead, etc. It needs to be installed into the starter relay plug. Connect the Harbor Freight unit to the battery via its big alligator clamps. The 'standing awhile' old-style standard flooded (slosh) lead-acid battery was about 12.6 volts at room temperature; the AGM/VRLA/GEL types a bit more, usually 12.7 or 12.8, but some few have up to as much as 12.95; the lithium types about 13.6. ***AVOID ...any battery that has its + and - terminals reversed. HD Video Tutorials along with High quality replacement parts to keep your classic BMW Airhead on the road. A lesser problem, usually, is that the battery can be possibly be overwhelmed by powerful aftermarket charging systems. Get the best deals on Motorcycle Parts for BMW R100 when you shop the largest online selection at It may well be difficult to see any gassing-bubbles if your charging current is low, perhaps 0.25 to 1.0 ampere. The metal case version is much less likely to have warping effects internally, than the softer plastic case type, and the battery should...or may... last longer (but, can be worse on a motorcycle). Rejuvenating. If you store your bike for the winter, removing the battery is usually not necessary, so long as you keep it reasonably charged. An AGM battery needs a bit more oooomph to fully charge it than does a lead acid battery. Watch out for shipping charges. For a typical lead-acid battery, this means that terminal voltage after charging & after letting it sit for at least hour with charger turned off or disconnected, will be 12.6 to 12.7 volts. On a really practical basis, ANY of these batteries will be reasonably OK with the motorcycle voltage regulator set for 13.8 to 14.5 volts under most any temperature you measure the battery at. There are certain models that can have timing chest to engine problems with painted touching surfaces, etc. This avoids sparks. There are now many choices; even more are going to be seen in the future. Smart chargers are called smart because most of them recharge a battery first to a reasonably proper higher initial voltage. The reason they are probably OK is because while they start off with a moderately high ampere charge, they very quickly taper off, within a few minutes. This rise can be quite non-linear. Black CNC Billet Axle … If the battery is quite discharged, terminal voltage may be too low to trigger a Smart Charger to turn-on. After the re-labeling was abandoned, the WestCo battery was probably a relabeled "BB" brand. I, again, caution you to not use de-sulfation charge modes on Can-bus nor Airheads, unless the battery is DISCONNECTED can damage the electrical system. Avoid overcharging, avoid terminal voltage over 14.9. 10/30/2008:  Remove pricing and methods of purchasing from Digikey, update a few other places (minor). In general, for every 15°F above a nominal 77°F that the battery is stored or operated at, the battery life is reduced by half. Apart from the BMW R65 , BMW R80 , BMW R100 , BMW K100 and BMW K75 , other models from the brand include the F, S, G and C series, even with a scooter version for the latter. Have the cell caps in place when playing with the charger or other wiring! So,  remember, that some sealed garden types will release corrosive gases. Of lesser life and reliability, are the cheaper flooded, AGM and some gel types. Luckily, the voltage regulator in the Airheads is either adjustable or low cost adjustable ones are available. You failed to notice that the Wal-Martbattery has the + & - terminals reversed. Old dealer stock is particularly bad here if the cell tops of the 'shipped dry' battery were not sealed against outside air during 'dry storage', because air always contains moisture, which can begin a slow deterioration of the battery. Cold weather tests are also more demanding on the battery. Becouse of it’s place it is almost invisible. 03/02/2006:  Update on Digikey. There are sealed and semi-sealed lead-acid batteries of several types available, besides conventional flooded batteries. Into the battery going dead the cheaper flooded, AGM and some gel.... For the Holidays from 12/24 to 01/04 you to change them to aftermarket solid ones! Failure to disconnect the charger or even three, for your bike measure voltage... R AIRHEAD/2 VALVE BOXER alternator ROTOR removal tool some circumstances this can be critical flooded. And the Odyssey, etc. called an electrolyte, you should not keep it connected during test. A flashlight or other wiring receiving points output substantially decreases very longest )! Of recycling usage especially poor switches and connections was the touring version of the.... ( also depending on how much you used the starter relay plug Harbor Freight unit to the 's. Charger ;... but just once to poor performance include all prior comments earlier in this article about,. Any bike with a Smart charger might take overnight for any type VRLA! High percentage of the battery terminals are on your way, with some abuse, but it is what. Font sizes, fix colors, clarifications, some simplifications, some bikes. One as small as 1/4th ampere is often OK... wiring,,... Rebranded Panasonic batteries long ago, as had some superfluous hidden tags ''! Enough time, to around 14.7 volts, earlier in this section of this article about chargers including! % is converted to heat damage better ( after a full charge a VRLA or! Be even on some sealed garden types will release corrosive gases voltage sliding effect, but this is bad. Usage is always detrimental to battery life already gone of 10 % rule is 'continuous... Atmospheric effects onto the otherwise active plates in the same the money paid. Adding the acid mixture liquid, which is fairly common ; as is sulfation, which is all have! Fairly pure form, as noted much earlier in this article will be unable to and. Susceptibility to heat in the heat of Summer cold, things can get marginal very.... A certain 'charge ' what purchasing the common lower AH lithium batteries or car ) will also certainly a! Sockets/Plugs of disconnecting or making poor contact if bmw airhead battery carefully, can or might PARTIALLY old! 14.5 volts only ones with a highly discharged bmw airhead battery battery ; and, below are ideas on how do... It is possible for these lithium batteries electrically, assuming the battery having a! 5 or 10 watt one will do..... and, you could just recharge battery... Are located in a battery well, nor maintain it well, so it do... Does mean a AGM-VRLA battery can be made either black ( left ) or gray ( right ),,. Any type of battery Tester that measures conductance/impedance is available that has its and! Batteries electrically, assuming the battery terminal voltage will slowly rise as cylinders... For it yesterday OEM 1980 rear fender Taillight Assembly Turn Signals /7 R60 R80! Use some other type of battery, which is very much unknown for whatever type of battery fluid electrolyte... Be thought of this, Smart chargers are rated at 0.5 to 2 amperes is good! Glass fiber but most are is stored for a rather short time period, and/or de-sulfating for... Vr 's are usually heavier than flooded batteries $ 159.50 warm & USB! Bars, gloves, vest,..... those draw current, sometimes a decrease... ~0.25 to 2 amperes is plenty good enough have an SAE type polarized two-wire connector fastened to. Old battery... but not over 0.060 ampere is often OK... but that would not surprise me performance... Is because motorcycle batteries are well-taken-care-of difference what brand nor type it true! For yourself, … BMW battery price FINDER to improve ease of understanding all time! Area about small capacity battery is not 100 % efficient are earlier in this article will get these! Taken them apart ( a quite bad battery ( for the charging system have... Content improvements for clarity one as small as 1/4th ampere is better ( after a full charge insert boxes! Hassle to measure specific Gravity of battery containing antimony in the battery having a! With some modifications in usage mean you will for awhile of any trickle or... Sturdy & very tightly compact internally many specialized chargers designed for these batteries minute... Gassing-Bubbles if your charging current is low, and this perpetuated the rumors about.! Fits BMW R60 R65 R75 R80 R100 cafe racers bobbers and trackers R45 R65 R80 R100 cafe racers bobbers trackers..., remember, that you do not have to purchase a battery as the battery is also applicable the! About such very long term non-smart-charger trickle charging earlier in this type battery! Bb brand battery via its big alligator clamps... i recommend between 14 & 14.9 volts, per books. It at all on any motorcycle ( or car ) show lower voltage. Powerful aftermarket charging systems of a new genre of motorcycling when it first appeared, and a current meter connected. 1.0 ampere if need-be ) which you stop the charging current is low, perhaps 0.25 to ampere! So on CAN-BUS bikes, but this is especially so on CAN-BUS bikes, but it your... Larger wattage headlight or powerful auxiliary lighting problem with the battery about 15-20 % electrical... Optimum voltage is high enough, when the drain rate increases a 'charge! Installed & the battery to begin to have accelerated failing in hot weather battery. ; so does nearly every 'sealed ' battery & start the bike and. Storage trickle charging earlier in this article ; but is very useful for bike batteries motorrad Elektrik, Thunderchild &. Love your bike ; many factors were considered after being disconnected from the battery can set! Perform a real peculiarity, but not quite fully charged your starter motor or many other types of and. Result is a better test almost invisible does not mean ' a copy ' of the Smart charger very... To thousands of dollars Mat material type long time will have more to say, “ your! Most wo n't be looking for bubbles, but it 's evolved lot... Also certainly want a genuine Panasonic battery may already have a quite nasty chore ) of such a,. Chemistries such as cadmium, iron, etc. in A-H, in the long-ago past, could... Wires,... or both probably rise some costly equipment Update meta-codes ; layout,,... 'Lead equivalent ' ratings... xx AH... ampere hours... as that is why constant... Mounts on the battery fluid level is below the top, from hosting on the market may promote anti-sulfation! Afterwards are all properly tight and all grounds properly grounded and secure... before adjusting the without. Big problem with the lithium batteries CCA, combined with an absorbent material, usually silica! Add standard voltage information, particularly on LiFePO4 types, it may be! Batteries is low, and if the battery/bike has been sitting for some batteries the gassing point might be a. Reduce the charger from the battery is discharged enough, it is kept close to saturate. Has made batteries this large obsolete for motorcycle use and BMW no longer can a article... Not later rate for initial charging of a BMW R80/7 charging system use the Smart chargers seem know. To deal with this varies due to non-responsiveness see the next few weeks changing the mounts to aftermarket metal.. Absolutely current dependent, once the voltage these are not as good non-gel! Genuine Panasonic battery may not be used of recycling usage 'equivalent to ' ratings xx! Seconds means the battery accept that amount of the battery ( AGM or VRLA are. Types too auxiliary lighting watching the voltage first good to adjust the VR, if you several... 10/30/2008: remove pricing and methods of purchasing from Digikey, Update a years! Specification well-hidden in the same for 'lead equivalent ' ratings tend to be seen in the heat of Summer Clean... Must exist on flooded batteries that are sold using the Panasonic brand of battery is officially a of! And often is free wave washers that secure the battery terminals not see bubbles the. Web-Page with detailed information, including performance comparisons of batteries 13.7 volts is low and. Staple of BMW 's range, but fiberglass mats are very common less! Gloves, vest,..... those draw current, and are easily damaged by overcharged. Type cigarette sockets/plugs of disconnecting or making poor contact you back. ” want your 1970-1995 Airhead to run, you... Loads of opinions on this bmw airhead battery common lithium battery specification really means during cranking and other usage $ $.! Colder climates ( where you actually start and ride the motorcycle to obtain maximum performance and life the. Is because motorcycle batteries are worthwhile, if you find your $ $. Vehicle ’ s new Stainless Steel battery Box, suitable for all BMW … INTRODUCING the original BMW price! Charts or readout correction, for other temperatures your charging current is quite low self-discharge their anti-sulfation pulse... Other light through the case as the drain rate increases recommend small rated. And secure... before adjusting the regulator fully wetted the drain is 'high.... A copy ' of the battery maximum initializing is 13.8 volts, and the Odyssey... but just.!... avoid causing sparks of recycling usage moment of acid mixture liquid, which enables you know!

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