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Go Striper fishing around Lake Texoma! We supply the boat, the fuel, lifejackets, striper fishing lures, rods, reels, and 37 years of Striper Fishing knowledge to make memories of a lifetime. All of our Lake Texoma guided fishing trips are private, we do not mix groups. I am licensed and fully insured in Oklahoma … Ask any Texoma fisherman a question. When you choose a guided Lake Texoma Striper fishing guide, look at their reviews and choose wisely. Lake Texoma Striper Guide Trips 2020. Stripers Inc. is a striper fishing guide service on Lake Texoma that is dedicated to providing the best possible experience to its clientele with brand new state of the art equipment and a lifetime of experience. Send us a message today to get more information on coporate fishing trips on lake texoma, kids fishing trips, group outings and more Lake Texoma Adventures. Stripers are more commonly associated with the Atlantic coast, but they found viable Oklahoma homes in Lake Texoma and Lake Keystone. (For more information, on Lake Texoma, click here.) Bill Carey and son Chris Carey provide friendly and professional guide service all the year-round. Bring a cooler with drinks and snacks, and a Lake Texoma Fishing License. Lake Texoma is the number one rated Striper fishing destination in the world! All their guides are friendly, experienced, and love the excitement of their customers catching fish. Striper fishing with us means success. Important Info About Texoma Striper Guides. Striper Express Fishing Guide Service makes sure each individual has a phenomenal experience and returns wanting more. We ... Miami Milwaukee New York Oklahoma City Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Saint Louis. 655 likes. The dissimilarities between striper guides are as great as those found between a Volkswagen and Lexus. Bill Carey has been fishing on Lake Texoma since 1977. We clean, filet, and bag your catch – and we improve the taste of your fish by very carefully removing all the redlines. Please visit our YouTube channel. We work very hard on our videos and love to share them with our customers and potential clients. Lake Texoma is called the Striper Capitol of the World. Welcome to Stephen Andre’s Striper Hunter Guide Service where I specialize in catching Striped Bass on Lake Texoma using artificial lures. Jimmy began fishing Lake Texoma 24 years ago. Come fish Lake Texoma with us for an experience of a lifetime. The spawning habits of the striper make it unique as a natural spawning lake. Known as the striped bass capitol of the U.S., Texoma boasts the most productive natural reproduction of striped bass, and perhaps the highest success rate for anglers in freshwater – you will catch fish! We will use our staff of guides and turn neophyte anglers into Striper catching machines. Vicious bites and extreme fights-Lake Texoma Striper Fishing with lures is pure adrenaline! Couple all of this together and it provides an outdoors adventure for everyone. Top 10 Best Striper Fishing Spots on Lake Texoma, Bill Carey Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Seasons, Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Tips-September Topwater, Lake Texoma Fishing Guide-Late Winter Journal. He guides out of a 23 foot Falcon fishing boat. A $12 Lake Texoma-specific license is required for anyone 17 years and older. Experienced anglers report phenomenal catches from our guided Lake Texoma fishing trips. . READ MORE. My name is Clayton Foutch, and I have a lifetime of experience on Lake Texoma. Do bring suntan lotion if your skin is sensitive. Lake Texoma to some is one of the most popular recreation destinations in the Southwest. Freshwater striped bass fishing here on Lake Texoma has been my joy and passion since 2005… Let’s go fishing! Striper Fishing Lake Texoma and History. Boathouse #3 Pottsboro TX 75076. Lake Texoma Lodging. Top-rated Guide Chris Carey shares his Lake Texoma Striper fishing tips for September Topwater success. Jerry Smith’s Lake Texoma Striper Guide Charter Service runs year-round, and we put clients on big fish with big numbers. You should buy this one: “208 Lake Texoma Fishing”. Read our FAQ page for more information. Justin offers customer trips originating from both Texas and Oklahoma Lake Texoma marinas. Lake Texoma certainly provides an outdoor smallmouth bass and striper fishing environment that Dan affectionately declares a national treasure. The Striper Inn is nestled in the woods, minutes away from Kingston, OK, and a short walk to Lake Texoma. We share bank fishing spots and boat access spots where anglers can catch Striper year-round. Capt. Call 903-786-4477. Striper Express, the premier Lake Texoma Fishing Guides since 1983. You Will catch stripers, we’ll teach you how! Bill and Chris Carey will handcraft your Lake Texoma guided fishing adventure to meet your needs. Stripers are an aggressive fish, but a good number of folks love that battle! LAST CHANCE LICENSE PURCHASE OPTION: If you have arrived at our dock without a license you can still purchase it by phone Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Central Time. Randy guides out of Buncombe Creek Marina in Kingston, Oklahoma on Lake Texoma. Follow Striper Fishing Rates Lake Texoma for more information. Owner operator of and a full-time year-round Lake Texoma Charter Fishing Service. Our Lake Texoma fishing guide prices are a real value, and our charter trip options can meet every group’s budget and needs. Here is where you will board yours: Mill Creek Marina 512 Mill Creek Resort Rd. Because striped bass eggs must remain suspended in a current until hatching, (about 48 hours), the above-average salt content of the lake’s water makes it the only freshwater lake where the Striper can reproduce naturally. . Looking for the best Lake Texoma Fishing Guides? Morning and afternoon charter trips are available. . I will provide your group a large comfortable boat, and all the necessary gear for a successful and memorable trip! My father said that “I was born with a fishing rod in my hand”! Jimmy is one of the most respected Lake Texoma Fishing Guides with over 30 years of experience. Places To Stay Near Lake Texoma Choctaw Casino - Durant, OK 3735 Choctaw Rd, Durant, OK 74701 800-788-2464 Choctaw Hotels… more Your group of up 2 or 100 anglers will enjoy half a day of striper fishing on Lake Texoma with one of our friendly and professional Topwater Lure Specialists. Powerboating, power sailing, personal watercraft, water skiers, windsurfers and Lake Texoma striper fishing anglers all consider the lake an excellent place to have outdoor fun. Lake Texoma has the world’s biggest striper spawn, GOD guarantees fish… We Guarantee EXCITEMENT! With over 40 years experience fishing for striper in both salt and freshwater, Captain John Brett has caught thousands of large fish including a 67 pounder. From what fishing license to purchase, to how best to prepare your catch for the dining room table is all covered. Our fleet of boats handle 1 to 6 anglers per, so no group is too small or large. Lake Texoma fishing guides, Oklahoma and Texas professional fishing guides on Lake Texoma and below the dam on the Red River, charter fishing trip services Specializing in the thrill of the hunt with artificial lures. Lake Texoma Record Striped Bass. Smallmouth bass fishing is an avid angler’s little slice of heaven. There are many Oklahoma fishing guides and Texas and Texoma fishing guides and the one thing that is true is that they are not equal in skill or reputation. As a Lake Texoma Striper Guide for over thirty years, I’ve been asked every possible question. We have multiple boats on the water each day covering the top fishing spots on the #1 rated Striper Fishing lake in the world. 19 years experience on Lake Texoma. Experience the thrill and excitement of Lake Texoma striper fishing with me Larry ” Sparky” Sparks and crew. And of course, bring your camera! We can arrange guided fishing trips for one angler to a huge corporate event. Add the legendary expertise of Striper Express fishing guides and you’ll easily fill your 10-fish limit. Web Stories are a new way to share information with potential clients and current customers on smartphones. For three decades Lake Texoma Striper Guides Bill Carey and his son Chris have been providing first-class fishing entertainment for thousands of fishermen. Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Aaron Sharp has fished this famous Striper impoundment since 2002. While catching stripers is the goal, the real fun is just being on the water and having fun. If you are looking for the best Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, you found them! Striper fishing is on the rise again at Lake Texoma after the devastating flood of 2015 that set back the fishery and left the fishing guides stranded on shore for five months. MT keeps all the guides organized and on schedule. Striper Express is the premier artificial lure guide service on Lake Texoma since 1983. Do we guarantee fish? A perfect combination of professional guides, great boats, and a world-class Striped Bass Spawn each year on Lake Texoma keeps our clients smiling since 1983. Still, looking for the Best Lake Texoma Fishing Guides? Come Catch Striper with the Best Lake Texoma Fishing Guides! Living on the lake and guiding fishing trip on it for over 20 years, Captain Dan Barnett knows this lake like the back of his hand and is the ideal choice when selecting a Lake Texoma striper fishing guide. One of the few Artificial Lures only Lake Texoma Charter Fishing Service, and a multi-boat outfitter. Other popular species include largemouth and smallmouth bass, white bass, hybrid striped bass, white crappie, black … We are current on all Coast Guard licenses, along with Texas and Oklahoma licenses, and we are fully insured. You can purchase a Lake Texoma Fishing License at Walmart or buy them online. Lake Texoma, The Hybrid Striped Bass, Smallmouth Bass fishing and Texoma Fishing Guide Captain Dan Barnett make for a four-way combination that provides an unmatched outdoor adventure for everyone in the family. Over these years, I have gained the knowledge, experience, and patience to teach clients how to fish, and how to catch big fish. Buncombe Corner Striper Inn is located in South-Central Oklahoma with access to golf, horseback riding, boating, fishing, hiking, and water sports. MT is the glue that holds the Striper Express office together. Lake Texoma is 89,000 acres (at normal level) and has 580 miles of shoreline and is the #1 Striper Bass fishery in the nation. This huge, beautiful lake is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Southwest. We also help seasoned anglers with excellent Lake Texoma striper fishing tips. Lake Texoma striper fishing guide, Captain Dan Barnett is a master at making sure every aspect of your guided striper fishing trip is carefully thought through without overloading even the novice angler. We guarantee a full morning or afternoon of fishing! The spawning habits of the striper make it unique as a natural spawning lake. Browsing this website will give you some ideas of his dedication and professionalism. John got his professional license in 1995 and is highly respected on Lake Texoma and beyond. It covers both Texas and Oklahoma portions of the lake, is good for a full year and expires on December 31st. Novices can quickly learn our way of striper fishing. Looking for the best Lake Texoma Fishing Guides is easy, call Striper Express. Not only did Lake Texoma lose big stripers in the 2015 flood, several years of drought before the flood resulted in low numbers of young stripers. Our goal is to put your name on the next Lake Texoma Striper record. You may get different answers. Specializing in the thrill of the hunt with artificial lures, he became a professional guide in 1989. After 25 years, he has become one of the most respected pro-guides on Lake Texoma. I have been guiding on Lake Texoma since 2007 and have been fishing my whole life. This 89,000 acre lake is famous for the amount of fish it produces. He began fishing Lake Texoma 29 years ago and became a Pro-guide in 1995. Oklahoma Fishing Guide Striped Bass, Hybrid Striper, White Bass, and Crappie Fishing ~~* Eufaula Lake, Texoma Lake, Illinois River, Eufaula and Ft Gibson Dams *~~ 44lb 2oz Striped Bass. To be the leading provider of charter fishing at Lake Texoma. Our staff is the best striper fishing guides on Lake Texoma since 1983. Lake Texoma striper fishing makes for an exciting and fulfilling experience for everyone. Chris began fishing Lake Texoma 29 years ago. You should bring 2 coolers, one for your catch and one for your own drinks and snacks. Please read our Web Story on the best Striper Fishing Spots on Lake Texoma. Your fishing trip covers up to 6 hours of fishing. No one knows bass fishing in Texas, especially Texoma Striper fishing, better than Dan Barnett. It is a border lake on the Texas and Oklahoma border with about 80% of its 93,000 acres located in Oklahoma. Have a credit card handy. Our crew of top-ranked Lake Texoma Fishing Guides will put your group on Striper year-round with artificial lures. Call Striper Express today and book your trip of a lifetime! Texoma is an 89,000 acre lake on the Red River bordering both Texas and Oklahoma which is widely recognized as a top fishing lake among all Oklahoma and Texas lakes. 2-10-20 Water elevation 616.49 Water temperature 47-48 Weather was pretty turbulent but we had a window before the big storms we’re going to hit so we went for it. Fishing on Texoma is Awesome Year Round! Striper Express-Lake Texoma Guides 512 Mill Creek Rd. Here you will find answers to the most common ones: Tell me about the fishing. When you take this ultimate guided striped bass fishing trip on Lake Texoma in Oklahoma you are guaranteed to leave with more than just some huge fish. As Lake Texoma striper guides, my son Chris Carey and I create striper fishing FUN on Lake Texoma by using Topwater Striper Fishing Lures. Catch the excitement on Lake Texoma with Striper Express today. Inspiring people to enjoy the great outdoors with family, friends and business relationships. Looking for the Best Lake Texoma Fishing Guides that dominate lure fishing for Striper? James has been guiding for many years and is very knowledgeable about Lake Texoma, striper fishing in general, and just having a good time. Striped bass thrived in Lake Texoma because of the lake's higher salt content and its massive open water. Since Lake Texoma is located in both Texas and Oklahoma, a Lake Texoma license is the best way to go. These licenses cost $12.00 and are good until December 31. Pottsboro TX 75076 PH 903-786-4477 MAP, Pure Adrenaline with Lures-Lake Texoma Striper Fishing, Lake Texoma Striper Fishing with the Family-Year-Round, Top Water Lure Explosions-Lake Texoma Striper, Dave Wand, Striper Express Professional Fishing Guide (since 2012). Chris Carey, Bill’s son, grew up with a fishing rod in his hand. Call or text Now for Last minute bookings & availability 580-564-6076 . Lake Texoma boasts one of the most liberal striper limits in the United States and is located just 70 miles north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and 2 1/2 hours south of Oklahoma City. You’ll See the Strike and Watch the Fight all the way to the net! They land bass in numbers they could never attain anywhere else in the U.S. Our striper guides provide awesome fishing experiences for families with children, for groups of sportsmen, for experts and for neophytes. We hunt Striper on Lake Texoma with artificial lures each day and share our knowledge and tips with clients since 1983. We make sure all clients are safe, smile with big fish, and successfully use artificial lures at the very best Lake Texoma fishing spots. John has over 25 years of experience on Lake Texoma and is a great artificial lure angler and guide. The blow furnace of North Texas August heat starts to cool a... Mar 10, 2020 | Striper Fishing Lake Texoma. For The Ultimate Fishing Adventure, Take The Mojo Striper Guided Striped Bass Fishing Trip On Lake Texoma In Oklahoma. Many Lake Texoma Fishing Guides claim to be #1, but Striper Express has been the leader and top-ranked charter of guided fishing trips on Lake Texoma for over 37 years. This wonderful lake offers... Sep 3, 2020 | Striper Fishing Lake Texoma. Lake Texoma was built by the Corps of Engineers, impounded in 1944, and was stocked with largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, hybrid striped bass, blue and channel catfish, both black and white crappie along with the native sand bass from the Red and Washita Rivers. All of our guides are licensed, insured, and professional. Sharp’s Striper Guide Service is the premier Striper Guide Service on Beautiful Lake Texoma. He believes the safety of his clients is #1 priority. Experience this top-rated fishery with the best Artificial Lure Striper Fishing Guides today. Customer Satisfaction is number one to Sharp’s Striper Guide Service. Jerry Smith is one of the premier live-bait Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guides since 2014. Lake Texoma is the striper fishing capital of the U.S., boasting the best-documented spawn and the highest angler success rate for striped bass in freshwater. Lake Texoma is one of the nation's premier fishing lakes. Lake Texoma Striped Bass Guide John Brett. We supply all tackle, lures, and safety equipment. They are available from Walmart and from sporting goods retailers everywhere in Texas. We actively seek our prey, moving frequently to find striped bass feeding at the surface. Lake Texoma offers some of the best striper fishing in this part of the country, and now you can join in on the fun with our daily guided striper … If you like catching stripers I would … You just found them, book a trip today. Our fishing tours include a variety of excursions such as striper fishing, catfishing, lake fishing, crappie fishing, adventure fishing, fishing trips and more. Don’t get talked into paying more than $12 for your license by an unknowing store clerk somewhere. Beautiful Lake Texoma is an ideal striper lake. Top-water lures, hungry striped bass, and StriperExpress guides – truly your fishing dream come true! Lake Texoma is the Striper Capital of the World, come catch the excitment with Striper Express today. We also help seasoned anglers with excellent Lake Texoma striper fishing tips. Chris carries the same passion as his father when it comes to fishing on Lake Texoma. Lake Texoma Striped Bass Guide John Brett Come fish Lake Texoma with us for an experience of a lifetime. There are many Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, hire the best, Coy Devoll. We were catching one randomly here and there... Our four-boat fleet, captained by long-experienced Lake Texoma fishing guides, provide complete reliability and flexibility for every size group. We will use our staff of guides and turn neophyte anglers into Striper catching machines. Corporate events and team-building outings of up to sixty persons can be easily and professionally accommodated. OK. border, Texoma is considered one of the premier Striped Bass fisheries in the world. PURCHASE ONLINE: To purchase your #208 license online from the State of Texas click here. Beautiful Lake Texoma is an ideal striper lake. Located on the TX. In 1983, he began fishing professionally and started Striper Express Guide Service. Subscribe to our RSS feed and get great information on Lake Texoma Striper Fishing and much more. The lake has many species of fish, but most fishermen opt for our specialty – the fantastic striper fishing on Lake Texoma. Get all the great information on Bill Carey Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Seasons! September is the start of our fall Striper fishing season, and it is the pinnacle of our topwater bite! Call toll free (800) 895-4248 . Lake Texoma Fishing Guide -Justin Parker-Texoma Striper Guide. Mojo Striper Guide Service, Kingston, Oklahoma. It makes little difference whether you are fishing Oklahoma or Texas, Lake Texoma fishing with Dan is a quality outdoors experience packed with memories. But, one thing they will all agree on is, Lake Texoma is a natural phenomenon. Guided Smallmouth fishing trips with Dan for this great sport fish will make that a reality. For information about current conditions, best fishing areas and tips on lures that are working now provided by Lake Texoma fishing guides Bill and Chris Carey click on Lake Texoma Fishing Report. A freelance photographer and writer, Bill Carey is on several Pro-staff teams and does seminars at trade shows and outdoor events. Our boats are berthed on the Texas side of the lake. Lake Texoma is known as the “Striper Capital of the World.” This lake is one of the few reservoirs in the nation where striped bass (striper) reproduce naturally. Lake Texoma Fishing License Information ... Captain Ron, took us out to the Oklahoma side away from the brown / rusty muddy runoff water and once we were anchored, he put us on the fish all day.

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