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Everyone, the devs included, have been saying that Int above everything else is very important, and obviously you're not missing out on much for each piece, but between the belt and your entire right side, you're losing 24 int. Of course there may be a threshold for that stat -- for now. Jan 14th 2019 Added Level select to support characters below level 70! Try to. Kill adds ASAP before he manually ignites it and wipe you. Review: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 Futures Rewritten. You want consistency with those skills. It took me many tries to get this done. 5.1k. Fixed issues with items missing for Blue Mage. After all, this new limited job class has some weird caveats to it that make leveling a little trickier. - The Imps will sometimes cast Void Blizzard, which deals high damage and slows you. That's the last BiS. Review: Space Invaders Forever. I'm confused about your "Pure DPS" build. Warriors of Darkness. Added Blue Mage. A blue mage look for a gentleman occultist. FFXIV Blue Mage Level 60 Power Leveling Guide ImpressionsSubscribe: http://bit.ly/WorkToGameSubscribeCheck out our latest videos! Press J to jump to the feed. Be sure to silence this with Flying Sardine. In Patch 4.5, by popular demand, Blue Mage (BLU) has been added to FFXIV Stormblood. if you are just buffing final sting/self-destruct only int/det matter. - Hydnora has a skill called "Inflammable Fumes", which will do great damage to you. Main Page; ... Blue Mage (BLU) Limited Job. For those who had been worried of getting banned by SE for exploiting this "glitch". Join. Blue Mages usually learn Blue Magic by having enemies (or occasionally, another Blue Mage ally) use it on them, but some games have other methods to learn their magic. This skill is quite essential for some stages in the Masked Carnivale. - You face the Arena Scribe. Each time he casts "King's Will", he'll grow bigger/stronger. I would love to see the math behind your methods. Blue Mages use caster dps gear. - Silence "Obliterate" with Flying Sardine. ? They can be slowed down further with 4-Tonze Weight or Break. Accuracy increases the accuracy of physical Blue Magic. - You face Epilogi. So when Rebekah does Schizocarps, use "Ink Jet" on Rebekah to blind yourself. Jan 7th 2019 Added all new items from patch 4.5! - Crom Dubh is a small iron giant. Pages in category "Blue Mage Exclusive" The following 20 pages are in this category, out of 20 total. The ONLY closeness FFXIV BLU has to FFV BLU is the outfit. Blue Mages often have a wide range of usefulness due to the varied spells they gain. How much of a difference did the extra skill speed and crit make compared to what you'd lose from that? Flute is reserved for pre phase transitions or the end of a fight, or cheesing self destruct/final sting. FFXIV Blue Mage Blue Magic Guide by ruan1387 Obvious spoilers regarding … Blue Mage Guide by Caimie Tsukino. Which leaves us with Peculiar Light, which is it's legit damage window skill, there is merit to putting more into SpS if it lowers your GCD enough to get an extra hit in (doubt it though with the recast of Peculiar Light eating into it's own debuff timer). - Arena Grenades must be killed with a single hit, else they wake up and BOOM you to death. - The Mandragoras have an AoE that will blind you. Any data on tailscrew/missile being affected by INT? Blue Mage Leveling Guide Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Try to keep Libra … Have you actually tested the damage formula in the game? I was under the impression Missile was 50% and tailscrew was 10%, and that nothing buffed that. staring at shoebills. If doom does land it takes 15 seconds before it actually goes into effect. The Forbidden Land, Eureka 1. So the. From Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Wiki. When playing as a blue mage, it is possible to participate in duties with other players in preformed or undersized parties. Monk‘s Greased Lightning has been changed from a status effect to a trait.It no longer increases damage dealt. Seeing that it's a buff window job (it has what, 3 timed buffs?) Getting started with FFXIV Blue Mage? Patch 4.5. The buff to int is similar to if you has only only 100 potency attacks vs only 200 potency attacks you would get the same value out of stats. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. As we get our first limited job in ffxiv and stormblood makes way for ff14 shadowbringers in 5.0, 4.5 brought us blue mage. - ALWAYS stay away from Cyclops. - When Forefather casts "Bombshell Drop", an Arena Grenade will be summoned as add. I'm actually of the opinion BLU's substat priorities are: Spellspeed -> Crit - > Direct Hit. Still, the Freeze effect from Ram's Voice alone makes this one still strong, even through Dragon's Voice is a bit of a pain to use and got a serious nerf. From my own experience since this with my blue mage raid group, I recommend: DPS: the usual crit > DH > det Healers: Det > SpS > Crit Tanks: SpS > Crit > DH. Out of curiosity, how much of a difference did the crafted accessories make versus just running with augmented ironworks on the right side? - The Roselets are quite fragile, and can be one-shotted by either Water Cannon or Drill Cannon. the sub stat formulas are the ones listed in the how to be a math wizard post with the constants swapped for the lvl 50 ones, the ap/wd/potency part of the damage formula was swapped for this based on my testing with song of torment.

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