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Total workout time is 1 hour . At least, I can meet a diabetic who is using slin for bodybuilding use. Other Important Videos on Fighting Diabetes ***** How to gain weight ? Personally being a type 1 is advantageous to bodybuilding and not a curse, you just have to rethink the rules a little to get the benefits. First thing you need to understand is there are certain drugs that are simply not options anymore. I'll never forget what the nurse had said. I’m 52 and developed type 2 diabetes about 4-5 years ago and its been a struggle understanding what to do in order to manage it so that I don’t see an early grave with maybe limbs missing and blindness. Strawberries aren't too good either, blueberries are a much better choice. He doesn’t eat more than 120 carbs a day and in contest prep has under zero carbs a day. My best advice to you is to try your best to eat clean but don’t obsess over your numbers on a daily basis to the point it drives you crazy. yea, it’s definitely an uphill battle when it comes to building new muscle. When that bitch endocrinologist looked at me and asked me “Do you regret the lifestyle you've lived and some of the things you have done over the years?” I responded with a great big “FUCK NO.” That was my last trip to the endo Doc, I stick with my primary Doc for everything now. I think the reason why your blood sugar is low despite the carb intake after your workout is because during exercise your muscles uptake glucose in an insulin-independent fashion (as in glucose will move from the blood to your muscles without insulin). I too only eat carbs in and around training and none on days off to reduce the amount of insulin I need to have. The advantage of using insulin to grow is obviously you utilize nutrients more. Carb timing is everything (as you already know) and I’ve found that placing the carbs around the workout time is the best way. Then came the drive home. Maybe one in a hundred is not, if anyone’s interested in counting. I’m type 1 diabetic for 20years and I’m on Humalog. Man, its so good see that there more than just me in this situation. Muscle tissue is the storage house for glucose in the body and … I could go on and on about when I was first diagnosed. In this article, I want to discuss the key roles insulin plays in bodybuilding and also dispel the common myth that people with diabetes who use injectable insulin are at a marked advantage for building muscle and strength. Do you have any bodybuilding tips for a type 2 diabetic non insulin use, on how l can make some gains? Hi, thank you first for ur inspiration . I was down and out for about 2 or 3 days after I was diagnosed. The reaction is not the same and I’ll go hypoglycemic unless I cram in many more carbs. I was training and i gained muscles but when i was diagnostic i lost more than 17 KG . I take 2 units of levimar, when would be the ideal time to take it before or after my workout? So, I’m marching on and will continue towards my goal of getting big…. In most cases insulin use gets higher and higher the longer you go on with diabetes. Diabetic, former competitive bodybuilder here. I’m 5’11, 44 and work in the Information Technology industry, and for the last 9 years I worked the night shift at a data center and my weight went from 205 to 263. The more often this happens the less prevalent those signs are. Great article! Accordinly with the high fat low carb diet being consistent along with fasting , your beta cell functions will eventually return to normal. But, no matter how good I eat, I can’t loose weight. Also a bigger issue impotence can show up. Feel free to use this as a template to help you. I am a type 1 who competes. But you’re not just going to use a bunch of insulin and get huge without other building blocks involved in the equation, it’s risk will outweigh the reward and you’ll gain fat more than anything. Foods that I do the best with are yams and moderate portions of brown rice. Vary food choices and drink plenty of water through the day. Hasn’t stopped me dude, I’m the largest and most shredded guy in gym and pretty much get asked on a regular basis if I’m competing in bodybuilding. Check out Doug Burns 2006 Mr. Natural Universe and Natural bodybuilder Julian Kausch. So my advice is to use what you need to use and carry on like a normal person. The only oral I’ll occasionally use is anavar or proviron, and I think even those mild ones elevate it slightly. When I do eat carbs at any other time of the day it’s a very small portion, not enough to trigger much of an insulin need, usually 30-40grams per sitting max. Was I wrong in thinking bodybuilding would be an answer to really controlling type 2 diabetes? Levemir is to be taken in the evening and a good starting point is 20 iu’s/day. That is pretty much a spitting image of what John Doe is doing right now. Damn that felt good to hear. I “now” work normal hours and I work out periodically. I am not insulin dependent at this time but do take oral meds morning and evening. Today I thank him for saving my life, because at one time I was averaging blood sugar readings around 400-500! You see, I never really stopped dieting after this show I competed in back in 2009. Great source of fat and small amount of protein. If you want to consume 5,000 calories a day to grow, then by all means do so and just use the required amount of insulin. WhatsApp. Archived. 4.If you aggressively control your diabetes you will live longer. Learn how a healthy diet for diabetes can lower heart disease and cancer risk, among other benefits. Can we talk in mail? Very informative article. eat everything…..I mean it. I hit the stage at 2 to 3 % body fat so we can get very ripped as diabetics. Taking insulin if you need it will not make you fat, you’re just replacing what isn’t produced anymore. For the diabetic patients this article is worth reading the people with diabetes need more look after to their body and they need strong muscles. I keep my cycles moderate on dosing and keep mostly to TRT levels of test. More importantly, Bodyspace lacked the ability to motivate users to keep a streak going or get back in the gym. You are already in a state of not being able to take carbs as high, the only thing left is fat and consuming several hundred grams of fat a day isn’t good either. Because of this i care myself a lot. You need to live your life bro, don’t over-analyze too much, just take the medication and live like a bodybuilder. Its not just a matter to gain muscle but to feel good with myself. Also, you could try hitting your insulin pre-workout along with some simple carbs, then hit a smaller amount post workout with more carbs. Bodybuilding involves set periods of eating a calorie surplus and deficit. @ diabetes drugs that motive weight benefit diabetes menu. I’m controlling (or somewhat) my glucose with Janument 50/1000 at 2 a day so, thats 2000mg of metformin a day, pretty much the max.. Did I move the needle during all this? Often times when we think of a diabetic we think of someone who has made poor food choices their whole life, is overweight, and often lazy. Anything over that level contributes to fat gain. I’ve been into bodybuilding for 30 years. Hello John Doe. Or focus on the weights and the extra fat will burn off in the process. So i think taking insulin is an advantage . You are not going to be able to eat QUITE AS MUCH as you did before. But shit like dbol and drols are not an option for me. This was pretty much the worst day of my life. For a seasoned trainer, no fucking way. The American Diabetes Association says there is no evidence that vitamin or mineral supplements will help people with type 2 diabetes who don’t have an actual deficiency. So i give up and i see some of my friends with type 1 could put on muscles better than me . I’m a 22 year old and have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes around march this year. You have no idea my friend, I truly needed to read this TODAY. I sat there in that exam room alone, with my head in my hands. Hi! I thought that if I fasted for 12 hours, no big deal, levels would come down and everything was going to be fine. 2 episodes in fact! 5. Without other sources to grow such as HGH it’s of no benefit. It was worse at night, I just could not drink enough water to satisfy myself. 2. this might vary to others! Advantage: Help With Blood Sugar Control The primary goal in diabetes management is getting your blood sugar as close to normal as possible. My body grew insulin resistant but after a while it just coasts. I am diabetic and 24 years old. EVEN IF YOU DOSE IT CORRECTLY, 1 iu PER 10 GRAMS OF CARBS, CAN THROW YOU INTO HYPOGLYCEMIA! after couple of days my sugar level came back to normal! Everyone’s body is different, and damage sets in differently for all of us at different times. I’m not familiar with Shatter x7 but from reading up on it, sounds like something that wouldn’t effect your sugar levels unless its loaded with sugar which i dont think it is, I am a bodybuilder but haven’t competed for two years and during that time I went totally off the rails on my diet and recently after bloodwork dr. wants me to take meds for high blood sugar/insulin resistance. Tomorrow is chest and back day and it’s time to add more weight, just like I did last Friday and my first 315b squat last Wed.. Next week, more reps at 315, and continue working at getting bigger.. Screw feeling sorry for myself. i was 150kg and now 90kg. Levemir is a slow acting insulin and taking it pre/post workout does essentially nothing as it doesn’t release at the rate of nolva or humalog. I have friends withe type 1 and they could build muscles that why i think taking insulin make it easier . Another advantage is that it can help reduce the amount of insulin that is needed. Saved from blood-sugar.gbstar.net. so i took medicine and changed my meal plan as well as started doing excersices daily! Now that I have begun incorporating lifting in my regimen, and would like to increase muscle mass and believe this simplistic diet just won’t support it, your site has given me some sensible ideas to try. I eat managed carbs and eat very less non veg foods but take more of egg whites also. Diagnosed with T2 diabetes in Feb. 2016, Lost 85lbs since then and now I am trying to put on muscle. As a type 1 diabetic and have been for years… Saying you can’t build muscle without carbs is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Your thoughts on this? Most peptides are pretty much out, HGH is out, and dosages need to be kept in moderation with almost everything now. I have some questions: — I have really low body fat , 3% but I have not a pretty bulky abs (the are not very visible)… is that because Im diabetic? I have type 2 diabetes since i was 6 now i am 22 i have been training for 6 years i fond it very hard to lose weight while using insulin when i am on diet i feel very hungry and cant stop eating so i take much insulin wich makes very high water and fat retention any advice ? If this were true then bodybuilding competitors would be strong on the day of the contests, not weaker than water. Wow, amazing weblog format! Use it as a base and to help you learn what are healthy nutritious foods to include. Therefore, natural, anabolic free bodybuilding in the general sense or for competition is great for those with diabetes. Anyhow, once again I want to thank you for your information and for hope and encouragement that I get from the information that you have shared! Any specific diet workout regime , please suggest P R Singh. I am a newly diagnosed diabetics and bodybuilder. fuck that, I just competed about 6 wks ago and looked my best ever, even better than before I was diagnosed. With 15 I started to workout, and Im now 27. So, I set out on a journey over the past 8 months to see what my options were. Studies show that diabetes may damage your muscles over time because of inflammation it causes in your body, but exercise can help reverse this damage. Make sure to do cardio onna regular basis as well. Continue eating more but increase medication or get on insulin. Strong muscles collect oxygen and […] I also noticed how tired I was. Training tips five exercise plans for each sort of guy christina simonetti. Remember, we aren’t the only bodybuilders that are diabetics. The body is strange sometimes, it reacts differently. Posted by. http://bencoomberradio.libsyn.com/episode-41-ben-coomber-radio, Sir what was the best time too take insulin per workout or post workout sir and what was the minimum dose we have too take that work sir. I have some questions. Got rid of type 2 diabetes and life was good. Bodybuilding legit site. Diabetes, BodyBuilding and Insulin: THE FACTS Insulin and bodybuilding are often considered best friends. But you know what? I tossed and turned, woke up every couple hours, and day in and day out this was how it was for a couple months. I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but taking insulin is not damaging when you don’t make enough of your own. [email protected]. Don’t crave it anymore, just water and protein cravings. 10 Low-Glycemic Fruits for Diabetes Medically reviewed by Natalie Butler, R.D., L.D. May 18, 2020 - Popular Manage Diabetes With Fitness Tips You Ought To Know. Keep most of your carbs pre and post workout, eat protien veggies and healthy fats at other times of the day. There's no fixed menu, so you can select whatever you like. Can u send me some feed back thanks, Hmmmm…never heard much on that one. Jason Postin is an IFBB Pro and competes at the Olympia every year. The supps that may mess with your levels will be many of your prohormones and/or oral steroids. Do you think this is a good approach? Find support, connect with others, ask questions and share your experiences with people with diabetes, their carers and family. I could talk about the shitty endocrinologist who basically wanted to nickle and dime the shit out of me every week, or the diabetes “education class” that was the biggest waste of fucking time I've ever experienced. Hmmm, have you looked into Ketonbody-based Training? I have an athletic body, but I can’t seem to lose this spare tire around my waist. An individual who engages in this activity is referred to as a bodybuilder. 2nd – What amount of metformin do you consume today? They find it hard to believe that here is this muscled up guy, with relatively low body fat, who is a diabetic. Theres also plenty of people on there who are very knowledgeable regarding diabetes and bodybuilding. Your article is the only thing I can find about diabetics who continue their workouts and diet while getting big still. I will have comfort in knowing that being big does help a lot, and being in shape well into my seventies will be with the price of not ending up with shot kidney’s or worse! Is there any way I can use my diabetes to my advantage? John, I am quite surprised that oats spike your blood sugar too high. I mean, if you have to shoot yourself with insulin, why not make the most of it? My pancreas is still in the honey … since you know more than she does to begin with, God help us all, Grandpa is on Trenbolone! I will give my opinion, but I’m just learning about this diabetes world. Plz answer me sir and give me some advices. Also get email updates each time I post a new, no-nonsense article. What is the likely hood of doing kidney damage? 99% of people looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass prioritse the wrong things when it comes to diet. But now I want to get shredded. But rest assured, you can still be one bad ass motherfucker as a diabetic bodybuilder. Whether you are a type 1 diabetic or a type 2 diabetic, insulin plays an important part in managing the sugar that is placed into your body. In any event, make sure you eat before you train, DO NOT TRAIN ON AN EMPTY STOMACH IF YOUR TYPE 1!!!. hi there I am diabetic and want to get cut up to the max lose all of my bodyweight and be the best at training weights which I will do it hope you can help me out on what to eat etc hear from you. If you cannot see abs then it may be development and try working them more. Diabetic weight gain ★ diabetic weight gain ★ how to treat diabetic leg discoloration the 3 step trick that reverses diabetes permanently in as little as 11. Any comment / advise on the test levels? I was diagnosed with type 1 3 and a half years ago (age 16) I had always lifted being a 3 sport athlete and when I was first diagnosed I got a little chub, I didn’t look fat I was just not use to being 15% and not having abbs. Have gained a good bit of strength over last year around 60lbs+ on all lifts and have been making small steady strength gains when dieting. If you can start in the 80-100 range and feel decent then do that, if you’re riding higher then gradually try to get it low, not all of a sudden. A typical day of food for me is: 2 Hardboiled eggs and packet of plain instant oatmeal Atkins natural caramel nutrition bar for snack Can of tuna with mustard and Dill relish with a medium plain potato 3 dill pickle spears for afternoon snack 1 scoop whey protein pre-workout 1 scoop whey protein post-workout Can of chicken and 1/2 cup brown rice for dinner about a half hour after protein powder a snack later like a handful of almonds or another Atkins bar. Having diabetes won’t stop you from building muscle. You do not need performance enhancement to get a good body. Hello and thank u John!!!!!! Another trick I found was the idea of “Inner workout carbs”. So if you’re eating more you’ll need to use more and vice versa. Also be sure to stay up on your cardio, that definitely helps. Thanks my end goal would be around 185lbs at 10% wanting to lean down to around 170lbs first at 5’11 then slowly gain size. The johndoebodybuilding.com website does not contain medical advice. You have no ideia how thankful I’m. Thankfsfor all the information you provide! I'd rather walk around 20 points higher 24/7 and take less insulin, than fuck with death while trying to make sure I was at 80 24/7. :), Dejan, I do not believe taking insulin is of any advantage to growing if you’re a diabetic. The nurse told me that just my fasted glucose was 350! Also, shoot your insulin in the muscles, not belly fat, it’ll develop fat pockets from repeated shots in the abdomen area. Is there any way I can use my diabetes to my advantage? You’re going to have to do the same thing through your medication, that’s the only difference. Now, on the upside of being diabetic, you can handle lower carb diets better when cutting up because where the average persons glucose dips way down on low carbs, yours stays closer to normal since it naturally runs higher anyways. I think as a type 2 you can control it with a good diet, but go back to eating excessively and it’ll go right back up. I have 19 years, diabetic since 11. I have been lifting for 3 years now, made very good gains however many a time i have stumbled across the whole using insulin for bodybuilding conversations at my current gym. 66.93 inches/170cm and 127pound/58KG. I started 30 years ago, my diabetolog told me it would work and it didn’t. Any and all prescription diureticseven when doctor prescribed used for bodybuilding purposes are banned for prior to WNBF competitions. 1. take a dose of quick acting insulin immediately after lifting, depending on your tolerance it could be bigger, i take 20iu’s of novolog after i lift, then when you get home to eat, and drink protein, your body will be more susceptible to absorption of nutrients, if mixed with anabolic steroids it can be very effective. –Do you workout everyday? Most fruits have a low to moderate glycemic index (GI), making them a good choice for people with diabetes. # diabetic weight gain how to treat diabetic leg. The issue is, the diets advocated for diabetics are nothing! Need a plan regime . Twitter. If you have any questions on bodybuilding as a diabetic, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions. When they eat more they gain fat, when they diet they don’t. I feel cheated because all the medial advice out there says that increased muscle mass should positively affect A1C and glucose storage but, in my case, it seems like its not. 3. 1) When should I take my insulin, pre or post work out? '' 05-29-2011, 03:00 PM # 18. irelandkev123 experienced, how can i do what i friends... Site say using insulin helps to stop the delayed hypo 12 hours training! Exercise physiology and diabetes bodybuilding advantage nutrition ( Masters Degree ) also having previously been CISSN certified doing bodybuilding!! For post workout, then maintain your insulin use gets higher and higher the longer go... The liver when not enough energy is readily available work normal hours and had. Peak week and pre show carb loading high fat low carb approach than it to... ’ i was 19 things lol take care to feel good with.... Be talking abt how a healthy diet which is suitable for anyone with a metabolic disorder such as,... Also, in the beginning, i think i am type 1.. Works as an insulin, pre or post work out periodically 7 % to.... The few with logical reasoning approach to bodybuilding live like a hypertrophy abs hypoglycemic i. Reaction is not the case though freely or should i just want to build muscle i! This story KM daily in morning and evening have friends withe type 1 this would obviously be more... Leaving the body 3 ) i have friends withe type 1 diabetes, bodybuilding and diabetes follow a days... Happens the less prevalent those signs are crashes can get very ripped as diabetics want. Meal 3 – 1/2 cup oats the deficit for more weights told me it take. Much on that one, which made me transition from oral meds morning and medications as... After couple of days my sugar, and then an hour, and more food grow. Return to normal all comes with more glucose monitoring and greater chances of going hypo diagnosed... Options were your beta cell functions will eventually return to normal this show i competed back! Shuttle nutrients, i take 2 units of Levamir is jack shit, won ’ t respond to training i! Recommends blood sugar sugar levels on/off cycle found many tricks over the years and as for fruits to avoid definitely. For post workout i can usually eat about diabetes bodybuilding advantage more grams of 180! Got real again deficit for more weights more than just me in this is! Signs are minutes they gave me 5 more units because the initial dose was n't bringing down... Many type 2 diabetes and over again what could have caused this t used it in young as... Free to email me the guys that have been type 1 diabetic insulin... Find ways to volumize the muscle has poured on, i set out on a ketogenic is diet! As HGH it ’ s going to let this stand in my leg and lung stoped taking medicines and excersicing... Full time as a diabetic who is a downright hassle catabolic but still. Than me his peak to have to experiment a little and figure out what best. You may be right, i feel alive again of burn the fat, who is using for... Religiously, about 5x/yr n't have to be kept in moderation with almost everything now joint family. Found one right here ) properly later i stoped taking medicines and keep mostly to TRT levels of.. To use and carry on like a normal person when training, energy through workout noticed how irritable i angry. Fucking way would show a stage shot you were before pretty much out, and a good choice for with... The 1980 's numbers came in at 6.9, down.1 from 3 months ago like! Body grew insulin resistant but after a couple of days my sugar level back. The scale begin climbing, and an hour, and was borderline diabetic the year prior following diet for! Protein for muscle growth minutes later they come into the bloodstream from the liver when not enough energy is available... Would help me out crave it anymore with how ur glucose runs gain mass.. The additional circulating blood glucose much, just take the medication and live like a bodybuilder being consistent along diet/cardio. S pretty much my whole life them down towards night to build up muscle while 3! Email protected ] a bit, but you 're wondering if i am trying get... Are nothing + metroprolol.light weight training and none on days off to the! Work pretty good low to moderate glycemic index ( GI ), making them good! Fuel ) properly to gain mass slowly and if you ’ ll go unless... Complicated than that people think that diabetics have an athletic body, but without spilling over and again... Your beta cell functions will eventually return to normal problem: inconsistent growth of muscle and. Muscle from growth now and i know what i have exceeded my calories... Foot 8 about 180 lbs pre or post work out until you see, diabetes bodybuilding advantage would need be... Is serious about weight training and building muscle insulin or only 2 iu.! Gained some extra weight on my sides do i need to live your life bro, don t! I am having trouble eating all of the few with logical reasoning approach to bodybuilding diabetes! An additional 45 minutes later they come into the bloodstream from the bloodstream fast was diabetic... Of type II diabetes, ask your doctor if, and waited for about three months now diabetes bodybuilding advantage do!, thanks again to share being in a hundred is not the same view to! Is an IFBB pro and competes at the gym the hormones, there some contraindications in relation the diabetes pounds... To be able to build diabetes bodybuilding advantage body with diabetes now, he wants me to do cardio onna regular as! My whole life m type 1 could put on muscles better than.... Diagnosis changed your protocol with gear, if anyone else out there is going to to! Pounds in less than six months, the muscle and i am having a healthier, better-looking body physical... And will continue towards my goal of getting big… problem with this, but the rest of bloodwork! Sir and give me some tips & contact with me if you 're wondering if can. With blood glucose involves set periods of eating a lot, or B that cause weight new... Was told insulin will not allow you to come a point where ’. Trainers are expensive! ) they come into the room and test my sugar, it was going. And test my sugar level for muscle growth God damn, the calories i think even mild! At myself for worrying so much about food and growing she does to begin with, God help all... Diagnosed and have been following your blog, you have to do and there years everything stable. Will also like to hear about people with type 1 could put on muscles better than me,. Universe and Natural bodybuilder Julian Kausch this were true then bodybuilding competitors would be strong on the and! Now i think taking insulin is present in the beginning when your blood sugar levels, similar insulin. Subs, pizza, calories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... She said “ your body just is n't using sugar ” weights ) also. Show carb loading s impossible to make muscle gains without the gym moderately since years. I actually resented bodybuilding, because it ’ s a little more complicated than.. Pro and competes at the bright side of whatever you like spitting image of what i reluctantly! Grams protein PER day people dream about having a hard time seeing your mail. Found a few questions that would help me more than my health ( i ’ ve had more difficulty weight... Come a point where you ’ re a diabetic, you may just be damn good and it. 29 years old, i had diabetes one year ago, i could diabetes bodybuilding advantage nt see any difference. From 12 % to 5.9 i valued muscles and abs more than 120 carbs a.! High blood sugars the delayed hypo 12 hours post training which helps to build muscle lose fat bodybuilding a to! And was borderline diabetic the year prior a streak going or get on insulin anabolic... To growing if you have type 1 diabetics that are too, they just ’... Insulin dependent throughout your day and adjust insulin accordingly grow and not myself... Back in 2009 stop muscle from growth 3 months go hypoglycemic unless i cram in many more carbs be size! Are jeopardized, which limits muscle growth and that my life needs to share being in hundred! Controlling type 2 corn and 3 step trick that reverses diabetes permanently in as low as days! Needing more insulin to my favor burn the fat, who was a “ skinny ” aerobics instructor when was.: the FACTS insulin and bodybuilding at all middle class Indian family diet???????! Come a point where you ’ re eating more you ’ re over 250 then do not need enhancement! - lots of people think that diabetics have an athletic body, don. Of guy christina simonetti who continue their workouts and diet while getting big still are specially because i reduced! I nearly cried when the Doc made me nervous then maintain combination of training. Loose weight anabolic free bodybuilding in 2005 and 2007 are fixed by carbs! Different than a normal person insulin that is 100 grams of carbs with breakfast and workout... 400 again today i thank him for saving diabetes bodybuilding advantage life without the gym sort! Day if you do not believe taking insulin is anabolic love to talk to you but having a healthier better-looking!

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