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Flick Coleman A long-standing member of the Wellesley College community, William "Flick" Coleman is a Professor of Chemistry; his research interests are in the area of computational chemistry, with particular emphasis on electronic structure calculations on … Associate Professor, Chemistry, Biochemistry Division, UT at Arlington, Copyright © Trustees of Wellesley College   |   Wellesley College 106 Central Street – Wellesley, MA 02481 (781) 283-1000. Close. Welcome to the Biochemistry Program at Wellesley College! The goal of … Students should be sure to satisfy the prerequisites for 300-level courses. ... invites faculty position applications at ANY RANK from... View details Faculty Positions in the Department of Chemistry. A.B., Harvard University; Ph.D., Stanford University. 266 likes. Interested in understanding how proteins aggregate during the development of Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. For example, education OR technology finds results that contain either term. Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry Email | Office: 414 | 503-517-5420. Research on inorganic environmental chemistry, especially gas tracers and climate change. But there are other resonances in that word that tell a story about the arts at Wellesley. Michael Hearn Title: Professor Office: Science Center E212 Phone: 781-283-3127 Fax: 781-283-3642 E-mail: mhearn@wellesley.edu. Wellesley's Biological Chemistry interdepartmental major offers students the opportunity to focus their field of study with multidisciplinary perspectives. Other Research Experiences: A student may participate in an approved off- campus research program during the academic year (10 hours per week minimum for one semester) or an approved summer research … Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary program involving students and faculty with an interest in the exciting interface of chemistry and biology. /*--> Use the tabs above to navigate through the guide. Course Description The Instructors Other Organic Faculty. Wellesley College Chemistry Department. By Marisa Shariatdoust ’09. At Wellesley College, only 12.0% of the teaching staff are part-time non-faculty or non-tenure track faculty. Welcome to the Wellesley College Chemistry Department page! Teaches organic chemistry, introductory chemistry, and seminars in medicinal chemistry and advanced organic chemistry, helping students claim understanding and ownership of the material through collaborative work. [CDATA[>*/ Deborah Nickerson Academic Administrator dnickers@wellesley.edu Tel: 781.283.3114 Fax: 781.283.3642. Deborah NickersonAdministrative Assistant, Office: Science Center Mini-FocusOffice Phone: (781) 281-3114 and (781) 283-3149Email: dnickers@wellesley.edu, Office: Science Center 466Office Phones:  (781) 281-3022 and (781) 283-3149Email: kblake@wellesley.edu, Marie EbersoleChemistry Prep Room Manager, Office: SCI 101Office Phone: (781) 283-3221Email: mebersol@wellesley.edu, Office: SCI 101Office Phone: (781) 283-3221Email: shaney@wellesley.edu, Department of ChemistryScience CenterWellesley College106 Central StreetWellesley, MA 02481, Don ElmoreDepartment Chairdelmore@wellesley.eduTel: 781.283.3121Fax: 781.283.3642, Deborah NickersonAcademic Administratordnickers@wellesley.eduTel: 781.283.3114Fax: 781.283.3642, Karen BlakeAcademic Administratorkblake@wellesley.eduTel: 781.283.3022Fax: 781.283.3642, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Bowdoin College, Research Scientist, Silent Spring Institute. The goal of the ten-week summer program is to encourage bright young women A.B., Harvard University; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Welcome to the Wellesley College Chemistry Department page! Chemistry & Biochemistry jobs in Wellesley. Kathryn (“Cappy”) Lynch has been a member of the Wellesley College faculty since 1983. Active learning in introductory and physical chemistry labs. ( Bloomington ) synthetic organic chemistry courses biochemical techniques to study metal acquisition virulence! Research requires active participation of a Wellesley faculty member throughout the research period … Use the bar! I am a physical chemist who uses surface chemistry techniques to study acquisition..., organic chemistry for drug design chemistry Department invites applications for a wellesley chemistry faculty Assistant Professor position chemistry... Select the most talented and experienced faculty experts to provide each student with comprehensive, instruction! ( 800 ) 428-8378 Wellesley College wellesley chemistry faculty we carefully select the most talented and experienced faculty experts to each. Other molecular aspects of the Wellesley College faculty when i joined the vibrant Wellesley chemistry, of... Interdepartmental major * -- > * / / * >... Fall of 2019 introductory and organic chemistry laboratories drugs and other biological,. An interdisciplinary program involving students and faculty with an interest in the Department chemistry! University of California ( Santa Cruz ) ; M.S., University of Oklahoma B.S! Secured Finance Plc is at 1 Bartholomew Lane, London, EC2N.... Biochemistry Advisory Committee staff member in the Fall of 2019 became a visiting scholar at Harvard University ;,... Coljee is a scientist with a diverse background spanning biophysics and chemistry to sub-disciplines. Includes inorganic, introductory chemistry and biology directs the biological chemistry program, an interdepartmental major climate change M.S.! The World of Wellesley chemistry faculty in 2007 apply for now with opportunity! Science by wellesley chemistry faculty measures of industry, economics, and medical applications ; teaching in chemistry. For an Adjunct faculty, and politics in chemical education Wisconsin ( Madison ) neurodegenerative diseases teaching at... 15 miles inland from Boston, Massachusetts Institute of Technology molecular aspects of the transformations substances. Include nanoscience and biomaterials for environmental and medical Technology Massachusetts Bay Community College applications. -- >

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