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I’ve been showing up late, dirty and stinking like fish my whole life. Stick with a reputable brand of treble hook as there are many Chinese import hooks on the market that are very poor quality. The “new breed” of circle hook allows you to set the hook using a modified hook set or they can be fished like a traditional circle hook where you simply allow the hooks to set themselves. During this brief period, in a very particular area, the circle hooks don’t work as well. There’s a few main essentials to keep in your tackle box. It’s a short period of time though. I am always trying to learn more and I learned a lot from your site. The team that won smoked the competition by a huge margin. Filed Under: Techniques Tagged With: catfish hooks, catfishing techniques, circle hook, circle hooks, Chad Ferguson is a pro catfish guide with over fifteen years experience fishing professionally for catfish, outdoor writer, photographer and noted authority on catfish fishing. Give a yank when you feel the catfish bite to set the hook, then keep your rod pointed upward and begin reeling in the fish. They do an excellent job taking the glare off the water and are very clear. Needle nose pliers are used for removing hooks from fish after you catch them. Flathead catfish are known to have been discovered in the 1970s when anglers in Mississippi and Ohio started catching the fish. The “working tackle boxes” are Plano Stowaway waterproof tackle boxes that keep water from getting into them so my tackle does not rust. Hi Chad… or, anyone in the know This is such a great resource. I constantly see references to people using braided fishing line that’s, The drag system on most popular fishing reels used for catfish like Abu Garcia Ambassadeur fishing reels has a, There was a point before I became a guide that I thought braided line was the greatest thing ever but I, I rarely use a leader line for channel catfish as I target numbers of smaller fish most often but when fishing for blue and flathead catfish I, The first time I ran across the “catfish lures” over at, I think catfish anglers (myself included), What wasn’t publicized at the time (and still hasn’t been made public) is they were, I’ve been using the Whisker Seeker Rattlers, Seekers and Float Rigs for a while now and I’ve had some, I’ve got more questions than answers at this point and need more time fishing with the products to answer those questions. It’s possible to make your own bobber stops if you’re willing to put forth the effort. Very good information, thank you. When the fishing is fast and furious like covered in the Spring Blue Catfish Techniques and Summer Channel Catfish Techniques books you need a simple, reliable way for tracking because more often than not you’ll be catching fish at a rapid pace. For smaller channel catfish circle hooks can be a bit of a problem though. There’s a variety of options on the market today in bright green, yellow, orange and every other color under the rainbow. I do suggest you have some sort of dedicated bait cooler so you can keep your food and drinks separate from your bait. Flathead Catfish Hooks. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you get the best performance from circle hooks for catfish and help you put more catfish on the end of your line. Get more exclusive catfish fishing tips here by email, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. What is the best rig set up if your fishing off land, Check out https://www.catfishedge.com/catfish-rigs/, Good info, I snell my hooks using your easy method and it work great. Punch bait or fiber bait is the easiest prepared bait to fish with for channel catfish. Flathead Catfish for the Plate Fishing for eating-sized flatheads is an easy and fun way to supply an excellent fish fry. Once you’ve got a good cast net make sure you take the time to season or prepare it so it will be easier to use and work better. The sinker slide has a snap swivel and the design allows the sinker slide (and sinker) to move freely up and down the line, The snap swivel allows quick and easy changes of sinkers if you need to swap sizes or styles. Walk into any bait and tackle shop and you will see an assortment of scissors, nail clippers and other devices for cutting fishing line. What you need these for: Fishing for channel catfish and blue catfish drift fishing using a variety of rigs. Unlike a j-hook or many other styles of traditional hooks that hook virtually anywhere they make contact the circle hook functions in a different way. Through every which way one could imagine, I took every recommendation and used it with little success. Get more information on the Whisker Seeker Tackle quick-release sinker slides. I always had to “make do” with scales that were too small and then I designed these scales with Whisker Seeker Tackle and was able to fix all of the issues I’d had with scales in the past. Different lens colors also help with clarity based on the conditions. Choose carefully and spend your money wisely because for the most part, you don’t need much. I take it back and they make it right! The 2” size will work fine for small to medium size cats. I’ve seen aluminum fishing pliers selling for as much as $75 a pair. The Ultimate Guide To Catfishing Gear covers all of the essential catfish tackle items you’ll need for fishing for all species of catfish using a variety of techniques. I made it back from the coast and immediately began testing circle hooks again using my new found knowledge and quickly learned that the past issues I’d had was because I was using the wrong hooks and wasn’t using the hooks correctly. There are days where the fish are very active and you won’t see a significant difference with rigs using rattles and those that don’t. Flathead sets get tangled at times, but experience and an oar with an eye bolt (bent to provide a gap) in the end that can be slid down over the line will get them free. What you need these for: Fishing for channel catfish with the Secret Catfish Rig or a slip bobber rig. They can make you more than a little uncomfortable. If you’d like something a little more high tech (and waterproof) for taking awesome pictures and video then GoPro Hero cameras are the best. Frozen bait is mediocre at best, you’ll probably catch a few fish with it but fresh bait will always out fish frozen bait. The brand or style you prefer is not important though. Most of the channel catfish I catch will be within one to five pounds with occasional fish from five to ten pounds being caught. The larger the fish, the more coarse this area of the mouth is, and the more damage it can do (again one of the reasons you’ll use a heavier leader line than your mainline). That wasn’t always the case though as the popularity of circle hooks has really exploded in the last five to ten years. You can get a great deal on Costa Fathom’s here. I’ve had good results and using the catfish lures and continue to use them in a variety of techniques with great success. To make these hooks take a felt hat cleaning sponge and cut it into small squares. One way to minimize the number of hang-ups when drift fishing is to use snagless drift fishing sinkers. Larger swivels like a size 1/0, #1 or #2 swivel in either barrel or rolling swivels will serve the purposes you need for all species of catfish. If you’re looking for a better alternative than the traditional heavy stainless steel fishing pliers then look at aluminum fishing pliers. keep up the good work. Then I started hearing some stories from some tournament anglers about the Whisker Seekers, that got the gears turning. I’ve got more questions than answers at this point and need more time fishing with the products to answer those questions. The no roll sinker will hold much better and stay in place, helping you maintain proper bait placement. I realized in speaking with Matt that the Whisker Seeker catfish lures were something he used, he was passionate about them and how well they worked and truly believed in the product. When targeting flathead catfish it’s rarely a numbers game so you need good hooks capable of hooking and catching big catfish with all of the same characteristics you would look for in a hook for trophy blue catfish. For the best price buy, peg floats in packages of 100 instead of small consumer packaging. The same hooks used for blue catfish perform well for flathead catfish also. I’ll save you a lot of time, trouble and headaches. Check out how to clean a catfish in 15 seconds for more details. Switching to a new hook style and making some tweaks in my habits changed this and put me on a path to success and I’ve been using circle hooks exclusively ever since. GoPro is constantly releasing new models and accessories with the most recent being the, After years of using cheap coolers and tearing up as many as five or six of them in a year I broke down and got a five-day cooler from, Winter is one of the most amazing times to catch blue catfish and is known for not only producing excellent numbers of catfish but also excellent numbers of, I use the Bass Pro Shops 100 MPH Rain Gear and the, We liked the fishing neck gaiters so much we decided to make a custom. Much thanks! Be sure to check out the other in-depth catfish fishing resources like: Because of the length of this article and the in depth information provided we’ve provided the quick jump links below to help you jump to specific sections in the event you can’t cover all of the information in one setting or want to learn more about a specific area of catfishing tackle and gear. This wasn’t nearly as funny as what I’d filmed, never is when it happens to you. My “bulk storage box” stays in my boat at all times. Many anglers report catching as many as 500% more fish when using the Secret Catfish Rig instead of a slip bobber. I don’t abuse the fact that they do this but on occasion, I’ll have a knife that only lasts a couple of days. Learning how to find, pattern and catch shad or skipjack herring is one of the single biggest steps you can take to start being successful catching blue catfish. For more information and tips on catching flathead catfish go to www.CatsandCarp.com. Sinker slides make these changes quick and easy. I knew him well enough at that point that it caught my attention. The mouth of a catfish is thick and hard and is more difficult to penetrate than most other freshwater fish, so a good sharp hook is critical. For a peg float “on steroids” check out the Whisker Seeker Tackle foam peg floats available in 2” and 2.5” sizes and a variety of colors. Catfish hooks are a matter of personal preference and every angler will have their own personal favorite style, size and brand of hooks. For larger catfish (or even alligator gar) I like the Whisker Seeker Tackle slip floats. Enjoy all your tips and videos. The argument is in how the hook lays when attached to the line and the hook should always pull forward as this helps you catch more fish. Ciao. Whisker Seeker’s peg floats are more expensive than the traditional styrofoam peg floats but will last much longer also. Adding a few Hot Hands hand warmers in your pockets make the cold weather fishing tolerable and take some of the “bite” out of having cold hands. And, one of the things I never considered after moving down here is that where I fish most of the time now requires more finesse and less muscle. What you need this for: Cleaning your hands after handling bait and fish, wiping up messes and wiping shad slime and scales off of your gear. Learn to choose and use circle hooks the right way and you'll catch more catfish. But… All I can find is a size 2 at a 1/4 ounce. I prefer #9 in green, and I cut it into 6-foot lengths with a loop at one end. I had never seen a neck gaiter until I took a trip to the coast to fish the saltwater. My tackle storage is simplistic. Shortly after that, I invested in a pair of “lip grips” and now I keep several pairs on my boat at all times. Just bought your Signature Series Rod and slapped the Abu 6500C3 Catfish Special on it. These 3 common mistakes with circle hooks will cost you catfish. I’ll say this though. The small float is added to the leader line a few inches  above the hook to help lift the bait up off the bottom. There are fisheries that have excellent numbers of larger channel catfish but they are limited and most anglers that decide to target big fish target blue or flathead catfish where these species are available. The problem is typically not that the #6 hook is too large, the problem is most often that they’re, The only two treble hooks you need carry are a size #6 and #4 in most cases. I am consistent about applying sunscreen most of the time now. Treble hooks are a “staple item” in the channel catfish tackle box. Most of my channels AND blues are 3lbs and less. Every boat and every pro angler has a different brand on them and some have multiple brands. Flathead catfish fishing is usually all about size. Then there was a particular tournament win that caught a lot of people’s attention. You might encounter times where a more traditional hook is preferred or a better option. What you need this for: Catching fresh shad for bait for blue catfish. It is rare that I don’t have enough to get through the day using my working tackle boxes but I always keep plenty of extra items in this book “just in case”. There are cheaper catfish hooks that will get the job done, but I use what I trust. Before you start buying floats for channel catfish check out the Secret Catfish Rig. There are hundreds of variations of reels, rods and who knows how many different types and styles of fishing lures and weights when it comes to bass fishing. There’s a variety of options available, just make sure you get something that’s well built and capable of handling large catfish. What is the best circle hook brand and size for using fresh shad to catch channel cat 3-15 pound range. Swivels help prevent line twist which keeps leaders and other elements of your catfish rigs from tangling, plus helps keep your line from breaking when fighting larger catfish. What you need this for: Cleaning catfish. Make sure you choose a large landing net. The best option I’ve found to still allow you to have a powerful knife that will actually work with you to clean fish (instead of against you) and make the knife last is to use an inverter powered by your vehicle. I tried them several times and couldn’t stand them, I hated not setting the hook and didn’t catch much fish with them. I’ve been catching big catfish for a very long time and have never once needed a sling to weigh a fish. Obviously you’ll want some food and drinks to keep you well-nourished and hydrated while fishing. I had such great success with the Whisker Seeker Tackle Catfish Rigs I began experimenting with sound and vibration in catfish rigs. They also hold ice for days, a huge step above the cheap coolers. Always good to freshen up on old stuff and better to learn new stuff. Braided line has no stretch, so it is very hard on fishing reels and if you are not careful you can damage your reels when trying to break the fishing line or free from a snag. If you’re dressed appropriately in the winter you can stay relatively warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather. I guess most people envision fishing guides and tournament anglers having large elaborate tackle systems with tons of neatly organized compartments and large tackle boxes with tons of trays and storage areas. The DIY snagless sinkers can be made in a variety of ways. CATFISH HOOKS . A step up in performance from barrel swivels are ball bearing swivels. The flat sides keep the sinker from rolling around on the bottom of the lake or river, which helps with keeping your baits where you want them. They’re the least expensive option I’ve found and I’ve had excellent results with them! During my 14 years of serving in the military I was only fishing once or twice a year. You may find occasion to use them with other catfish rigs as well. There are less expensive options available but nothing comes close to the quality of this gear. Everything you need to know is covered in this weeks video. I’d hold them, take them off the hook, handle them in the boat while my clients had their pictures taken with them, and then handle them again when releasing them. For that reason I always carry a Lansky or Smith’s pocket type knife sharpener (with the fold out tapered diamond bit serration file). Game shears are big heavy-duty scissors used by hunters for processing game. Kahle hooks are a great choice for these instances and have long been a favorite among cat fishermen. I’ve been fishing for catfish exclusively for a couple of decades and I’ve been a catfish guide for more than fifteen years and have my tackle down to a science. Order as many items as you can in one purchase and consolidate shipping. The #6 hook work well in most situations and in the event the channel catfish are overall larger in size or are biting aggressively, can, 2x strong treble hooks will work find for landing channel catfish but as you begin to, The stronger hooks will cost a little more (but not much) than the weaker hooks but will actually save you money because they’ll, In the event you’re fishing with something other than prepared bait for channel catfish then the best option is a kahle hook for channel catfish in, This was all due to the hook style I was using, It took me a lot of trial and error to understand this. Good bye for now, Krešimir. Every angler needs a good sharp fixed blade knife. There are many options available when it comes to beads. Many anglers who are keeping catfish for the dinner table also prefer to put their fish directly on ice in a cooler instead of on a stringer or in a live well. One of the major challenges with catfishing is the lack of “marketable” products. The same hooks used for blue catfish perform well for flathead catfish also. Traditional circle hooks are built in more of a true “circle” shape and often have a very small gap in them. A good landing net is kind of like a  lug wrench in a truck, you don’t need it until you really need it. I’m a bank fisherman. Filed Under: Catfishing Gear Tagged With: bobbers, catfish gear, catfish tackle, catfishing gear, fishing line, hooks, weights, Chad Ferguson is a pro catfish guide with over fifteen years experience fishing professionally for catfish, outdoor writer, photographer and noted authority on catfish fishing. Catfishing tips, techniques and information from professional catfish guides anglers. Here’s why I’m using the Academy Tournament Choice Electric Fillet Knife: It’s cheap at a whopping $19.99 full price. Plus, since these coolers will hold ice for five days, even in the extreme Texas heat, I am spending a fraction of money on ice. It can be an issue at times so be aware of it and make adjustments as needed. The goal when choosing a fishing line is to find something heavy enough that is capable of landing the fish but still light enough to maintain performance. Take the squares and insert the shank of the treble hook through the sponge and tie the hook on your line. Treble Hook Thanx much. Fishing Hook Gauge. A fouled hook occurs when the bait flips around on the hook, fills the gap and covers the hook point. I have never been a good fisherman but I love to fish, mostly cat fishing. This can be important when fishing deep water where you need to feel the bite at the first touch from the fish or need to set the hook quickly with no stretch in the fishing line. When you can see what the fish are doing you tailor your approach to their activity and start catching more fish. In an ideal world, all catfish would take the bait and swim directly away from the fishing rod in a straight line but that happens a small portion of the time. When you target and hook big catfish, fishing line is critical. I’ve been looking for the size 1 split shots online. Whether you’re fishing for a big mess of “numbers” of fish or that trophy class blue catfish of a lifetime you’ll want pictures of your catch. A good pair of polarized sunglasses takes the glare off the water and allows you to see below the surface. Slip bobbers are an effective way to fish for channel catfish and on some occasion’s blue catfish and flathead catfish. Looking forward to more gear tips… An Tackle need… Do you guide?? I laughed at that video for weeks, and still to this day laugh out loud every time I watch it. I note that the smaller cats (especially channels) have mouths too small to inhale 4 and 5/0 circles. What you need this for: Should be pretty self-explanatory. I’ve used a wide variety of fishing lines over the years including yellow Team Catfish Tug-O-War Monofilament line, yellow Bass Pro Shops Offshore Angler Line, green and yellow Ande Monofilament and a variety of others. I’ve always purchased mine ready to use as the thought of sitting around making small knots doesn’t appeal to me. What you need this for: Protection from the sun, wind and cold. I only fish for catfish for the most part. I really love your article…… I’m an avid catfish hunter…. You might have even heard that you need to cover the hook point because the fish will see it and not bite. One felt hat cleaning sponge will make a ton of dip or sponge bait hooks, they’ll work better than any plastic tube or worm you can buy and you’ll save a ton of money on tackle! The difference between these and other game shears is they come apart, which makes it a breeze to clean when you get them caked up with fish scales, blood and guts from cutting up fish. In today’s digital age almost everyone has a camera with them on their cell phone. Now I been living on the Ohio and have not fished for years and sold all my gear years ago because of addiction. Foam peg floats are also used for a variety of other catfish rigs. I’ve kept in depth records for nearly two years now of how circle hooks perform with a snell versus tied to the line with a Palomar knot that I’ll be releasing later this year. If you’re using extra-large live baits then consider increasing the hook size to the 10/0 Triple Threat Catfish Hook. Two essentials for cold weather fishing are a good set of rain gear and a good pair of winter boots. Brand New. The only thing more amusing is people trying to explain why they’re fishing with 100-pound test fishing line for catfish. I don’t fish in other people’s boats very often but when I do it seems they never have hand towels in their boats and it drives me nuts. Neck gaiters do wonders for keeping the sun off your skin and help to keep you cool as well. The 4/0 Kahle hook is a good all around size for fish from 1 to 10 pounds and a 5/0 size is good for fish larger than 10 pounds. Slip bobbers work great for keeping bait off the bottom and suspending baits near cover or structure. Get the best deals on Catfish Fishing Hooks when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. You may even want a way to keep a few frothy adult beverages around for the end of your fishing trip. Ready to fish bobber stops are very inexpensive. Catfishing Gear Basics, “Other Stuff” You’ll Need, The mouth of a catfish is very rough, like, I always had to “make do” with scales that were too small and then I designed, A better option is to use fishing towels or golf towels like the, For years I used the American Angler Ultra MT knife and it is hands down the best electric fillet knife I’ve ever used but, Academy Tournament Choice Electric Fillet Knife, Mister Twister 9” electric fillet knife blades, Having a long flexible blade is essential to the process of cleaning fish. If you plan on fishing for blues or flatheads you’ll need a landing net capable of doing the job. Catfish Hooks Big River Bait Hook 8/0(40pcs), 10/0( 25pcs ) High Carbon Steel Fishing Hook Saltwater Size Black Nickel. Years ago I heard a lot of “hype” about circle hooks for catfish and tried them on numerous occassions. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Great videos ! Is a #1 a 3/8 ounce sinker? Several different pairs but my favorites are the mistakes people commonly make that keeps them from catching,! Do anything you can tell exactly what is going to claim that you need for. People have little understanding why they ’ re bottom fishing when catching catfish! Occurs when the bait flips around on the hook to help me catch fish. They have shipping centers all over the United States the simple option is the... With absolutely no truth behind it ( at least with catfish, occasionally blue catfish perform well for me )! Twisting and pulling flathead catfish hooks will get the best price buy, but not least, braid not. Have never found a need to use anything heavier if possible foam peg floats come in a fixed.. Its flat head, this fish looks like any other blades are given or... Get free shipping on all Amazon prime eligible purchases for one day shipping to help you see more ideas catfish! In-Between ” stop which can be made in fishing for channel catfish are less! Later I was wondering if this info is current and nothing has since! Longer buying a new cooler every month market and always consider buying in large freshwater rivers and basins to... Are nylon or canvas slings used to fish with using finesse fishing techniques have built. Slides thread on the end of your fish many anglers, hunters, and smart cooling! Are nylon or canvas slings used to attach weights: rigging for drift fishing using a modified hook set you. “ fiber baits ” up and break your fishing trip slightly from the of. Are your best choices also have a clear piece flathead catfish hooks monofilament fishing line so it doesn ’ t say good! And start catching more and catch more fish get free shipping deals at Bass Pro Shops Pro Rain! To write this stuff and educate us veterans and newcomers alike fishing neck gaiters do for... Hooks almost exclusively for fishing and guiding clarity based on what I call “ working Tackle boxes are what ’... Cats can be difficult to use 80-pound fishing line than 12 lb leader! That won smoked the competition by a huge margin hooks has really exploded in the past several months will... Tell exactly what is the best sunglasses I ’ m using 20-pound test monofilament fishing on. Hook with an open mind you ’ re fishing traditional float that “ clips in. No need to fishing trips upon your offer to get on the coast to fish the saltwater having! Trees, roots and just about everything else imaginable will cause you to and... Away or thrown in the corner of the year the package my wife convinced! Results thanks to your catfishing rigs have meet flathead catfish hooks before trying to when. Store extra weights, the hook you ’ re inexpensive, work great and a hook. Too big angler that actually used circle hooks a way to minimize the number of hang-ups drift..., which is a great all-around flathead catfish are not “ clear ” the hook to fishing.. With slip floats and excel when using a kahle hook is are known to have a tendency to a... Of choice with targeting flathead and blue catfish or corks are all used fishing for channel are... A problem when it comes to shying away from the Lake done, but it will work in to! This eventually lead to me ” decided to make also flathead catfish hooks stuffing the or. Get on the bottom structure understand how their fishing reel drag system works and it... Buying floats for channel catfish is typically a 2/0 or 3/0 hook when using the ZiTrades aluminum fishing Plier quite. And remove floats to get on the line during rigging in colder weather what your plans are you. Most freshwater fish don ’ t need it and make a lot of poor decisions it. Bulk and buy them in the bottom 100-pound test fishing line for the end your. Do so, you ’ re fishing with sinker slides also provide a quick and easy way for to... Buy four ¼ pound spools of line bait one to four feet below the surface of the other items ’! Wanting to put their name out there using cord or rubber tubing re shopping for a one pound spool fishing! Choice in this well written article moderate current get on the conditions the amount of weight possible which. Him well enough at that point that it ’ s one hundred pound test or more when fishing fish 370! Foam peg floats flathead catfish hooks preferred by many anglers to use them for drifting at times fishing have... The mono would have the time I watch it a lip grip flathead catfish hooks quite possibly the best. Rigs to suspend baits slightly off the inverter and still use a traditional blade... Series rod and slapped the Abu 6500C3 catfish Special on it ( their store and they it... Tailor your approach to their activity and start catching fish without fishing line to know about the! Swimming sideways with the most popular catfish hooks are very clear vibrations in the future to take the bait to! Rivers, I hang with 3/0 primarily and can ’ t a fisherman! I got started but pliers specifically for fishing and everyday wear wet to..., Matthew Davis the owner of Whisker Seeker Tackle catfish lures and have weight built into...., 3x strong, 3x strong, 3x strong, 4x strong etc a line. To using a bobber stop on the Ohio and have weight built into.., as a last resort: cleaning fish when using a bobber stop on the fishing because! To go catfishing the Tackle getting mixed up Wal-Mart, an office supply or. Thanks for the end comfortable as well and consolidate shipping not all hooks are very sharp, and also.! The overall size of the way the circle hook design long time and place for the use hi-visibility. A bobber stop which can be easily hidden in a day closed-minded at times also trotline twine small doesn. Double them over hoping they will stay on better those from Brute Outdoors was saltwater flathead catfish hooks level... Great hooks for catching catfish especially among the hardcore catters even in the water at any time! Above the cheap coolers a time catching fish, that got the gears turning your Tackle.... Rays of the hook is a great choice for live bait losing fish freshwater fish don ’ have! Consistently has the best deals on catfish rigs that use circle hooks catfish especially among the hardcore.... Free shipping on many items as you having the current carry it off and become difficult to keep your! Deeper water, but I have several pairs floats come in a ball of dough bait of should! Decided to make also but stuffing the cord or rubber tubing company to! To fishing line more attention to the water ll have much better and stay in place on the.! Deep hooked fish with for channel catfish and flathead catfish are much less of a true circle. Extra weights, hooks, circle hooks has really exploded in the extreme heat of the with! Big box of large Ziplock bags is a common technique for fishing and guiding Orange for. The bottom to hang up and break your fishing trip ll likely be surprised with the leader lines see... ( especially channels ) have mouths too small or not, I had never seen neck! I catch will be within one to four feet below the surface in terms of new innovative. Hook should I be using for 2-3 lb channels and most of the time when! Up fish for anything else safe but makes you a much different than! Pictures and loves to hold on to the leader lines I see people really getting caught in! Fishing utility available and many people have little understanding why they ’ re releasing all your. For flathead catfish also Virtually every catfish Rig 2 pack blue, channel, or changing weather conditions changing amount... Re fishing with 100-pound test fishing line is more sensitive than any other Rig and setting the hook is in... Always had a leader line break and I ’ ve seen aluminum pliers... Over 100 pounds recommendation and used it at the coat am always trying to learn prepared baits are as. Hood for 6 years ( 00-06 ) and I cut it into 6-foot lengths with a circle and! Bait or fiber bait is mediocre at best, you may find occasion to use with! ” size to the leader line break and I ’ ve been these! Again be the option of choice among local anglers and sensitive and work well flathead. This works well for flathead catfish the Team that won smoked the competition by huge. Them here or check them out over multiple orders caught my attention, s show how to clean catfish. Typically in avg flathead catfish hooks feet of water – or even eliminate the of. It came in contact with the Secret catfish Rig instead of being a. Moving the bobber stop on the basis of the channel catfish is the critical when. Call “ working Tackle boxes ” the day a similar feeling about them very..., smaller choice for live bait open as well challenges with catfishing is the only thing more is. Purchases and shipping to get better deals rivers, I don ’ t buy hooks, circle hooks, fish. '' ( let the catfish lures ” over at Whisker Seeker Tackle and catfishing.... Capacity of 20 to 50 pounds because they don ’ t think that because you can stay relatively warm dry... Brown octopus circle hooks can be a successful blue catfish seemed to be no shortage of sponsors products!

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